Metabolic Aftershock is a DVD workout program designed by Dr. Jade Tata. It is a series of three phases, each with three workouts per week for 3 weeks. The program is 9 weeks long, though once you finish you can simply keep repeating it. In each video there is a 2 minute warmup, followed by a 15 minute workout. There is also an optional 5 minute shred video which can be done following any or all of the workouts. The entire program costs just $47.

Try the Metabolic Aftershock Workout

In each of the workouts, you will be moving from the floor to standing, doing quick, intense, repetitive movements that are designed to torch fat. And trust me, you will be sweating!

The ideas that create success for users of this video are that fat-burning is about efficiency, and that rest-based training is a key to success. At the moments when you feel like to you need to rest, you take those moments to catch your breath and jump back in as soon as you can. As they repeat often during the videos, “push until you can’t, then rest until you can.”

Metabolic Aftershock

Muscles are the most metabolically active organs we have. They determine just how much fat we burn through. That’s why holding on to muscle is so important. When you lose it, your whole body shape changes, and so does your metabolism.

If fuel is available, whether it’s in the form of glucose (sugar) or fatty acids (fat), those fat cells will suck it up and convert it to fat. Muscle cells, on the other hand, are a lot more picky. Muscle cells look for fuel only when they actually need it. If you move less, guess what happens? The muscle cells use less fuel, sending a signal to the body that you don’t need all that muscle. This makes even more fuel available to fat cells, which gobble it up and turn it into body fat.

The theory behind Metabolic Aftershock is that when you do the right movements, your muscles get a workout, demanding more fuel, and burning more fat. Your metabolic rate jumps up, and that means there’s less fat floating around for fat cells! You will need to consistently repeat these metabolically optimal movements a number of times, because that’s when the magic happens.

Toned muscles means less fat storage, and more fat burning. Once you become an effective “fat-burner” you can also have more energy, since fat is the most energy-producing fuel on the planet.

What I really love about these exercises is that anyone can do them at any age, and at any fitness level. I have been using Metabolic Aftershock for several weeks now, and definitely see the results. You can head on over to for more info. The website is a little bit frantic looking, but I promise you that the videos are not!

Now, let’s be real here for a moment and note that if you do this video three times a week but eat junk food for the remainder of the day, chances are that you won’t see the same results as my relative who is a busy, health conscious woman. But if you find that some days of the week you only have 15 or 20 minutes, why waste them when you can use them wisely??

Metabolic Aftershock with Dr. Jade Tata

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