My Take on Blogger Mad Libs

Lately my kids are obsessed with Mad Libs.  Having boys, you can pretty much predict that there will be at least two responses having to do with passing gas, throwing up, belching or some other disgusting words that sends them into a tizzy of hysterical laughter when read back to them in story form.

It struck me that the fine folks at Mad Libs would do well to create a book for bloggers and social media geeks.  Here is my version of Blogger Mad Libs. I think I will call it something like Wacky Web Words. Play along, won’t you?

Yesterday I was writing a guest post for _______________ (name of a blog or blogger) called “How to _________ (verb) in ______ (number) Days.”  Guest posts are a _________ (adjective) way to connect with a ________ (adjective) audience and potentially get those ______________ (plural noun) to visit your site.

When you write a guest post, try to keep it to ______ (number) character(s).

Once your guest post is published, it is important to promote the post on social networking sites such as (color), (place) and  (verb).  Be sure to promote your post in ______ (number) character(s) and include the hashtag #___________ (nonsensical word).  Tag as many __________ (plural adjective) as possible.  Ask every ____________ (adjective) person you know to comment, _______ (verb), tweet and stumble your post so you can get as many ____________ (body parts) to see your post as possible.  Do not forget the _____________ (type of worker) either because he or she can __________ (verb) your post on their iPhone. 

Lastly, be sure to reply to all of the ____________ (plural noun) who comment on your blog post even if they do not agree with your ____________ (adverb ending in ness)


Did you do it? If so, leave your responses in the comments below!

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