Why You Should Beware of Those Super Fruits

Over the past few years we’ve been hearing a lot about “super foods,” those fruits and vegetables that contain the most vitamins and antioxidants. All the time we see lists in the media of the best of the best, the healthiest of the healthy. Hence the added title of “super” for the overachieving produce, the ones at the very top of the nutrient dense heap.

Soon you might even be seeing signs in your local supermarket for “super bananas” as well as other such “super” fruits and veggies. But, there is a catch.

They are trying to confuse you.

The fancy sign next to the produce might not be because they fall into the list of super foods. In fact, there is nothing special about “super bananas” at all. They do not wear a cape and they cannot save anyone from a burning building. I promise. Their biggest power might just be the ability to not turn brown and rot.

In fact, you might actually want to be wary of them. Like I said, those signs are trying to confuse you. So here I am, forewarning you to step away from the super bananas.

Why you should beware of super bananas

Are you confused yet? Scratching your head, perhaps?

You see, they are getting to you already. Don’t worry, though. I’ll fill you in on their hidden agenda. They are called “super” because they are genetically edited. Just like the Hulk.

Imagine yourself in one of those labs, where the villain figures out the secret potion. Now cue the evil laughter. According to news out last week, recent scientific advances allow editing of genomes in fruits and vegetables, raising the possibility that they will soon be genetically altered and sold in a supermarket near you.

Sure, broccoli with added vitamin A sounds lovely at first. Why not buy produce with even more nutrients than usual, right? This is going to be touted as a fabulous new breakthrough, a wonderful opportunity (if you will) to make our nation healthier.

As far as I am concerned, this is all just GMO’s taken to a new level. Fruits and vegetables, and herbs as well, grow in the grown for a given purpose. They were not meant to have chemicals dumped on them, nor were they meant to be genetically altered. They were meant to be eaten. It is a simple as that.

We are not going to make anyone healthier by telling them that they can continue to eat all sorts of other junk as long as they have a piece of super broccoli on the side.

Now, I am no eating saint by any means, but I do like to know what is in my food and where it comes from. With that said, I would much rather consume fruits and vegetables that come from the ground than from a laboratory.

It is thought that this new modified produce will have the added benefit of lasting longer, such as banana peels that don’t ever turn brown and

Bunch of bananas (stock image). Genetically edited fruit could mean that genetically edited versions of “super bananas” that produce more vitamin A, and apples that don’t brown when cut, could be making an appearance on grocery shelves.

It apples with insides that don’t brown when cut. Maybe it’s just me, but fruit that stays ripe forever belongs in a painting, not in a stomach.

They are referring to this new altering of food as GEO’s rather than GMO’s, with GEO standing for Genetically Edited Organisms. The scientists have said that GEOs will surge as a “natural” strategy for using biotechnology to create a sustainable agricultural future. When I go to the local CSA to pick up my fruits and vegetables, there is nothing about the farm which tells me that agriculture is not sustainable. It is one relatively small but thriving farm in one relatively small but thriving town, and it is serving fabulous organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to a couple hundred local families every single week.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather take my chances on a good, old fashioned organic banana that will eventually turn brown.

So, if you notice one day that you are standing next in the super fruit section of your local market, please put down the super bananas and slowly step away.


  1. I haven’t seen these around my parts yet, but I will definitley not be taken in by them now.

  2. I totally agree with you!!! I have not noticed the super fruits by us yet! When I do see them I will stay far away and make sure to let friends and family in my area now they have arrived,

  3. Sigh. It’s exhausting to have to second guess every food and every claim. Thanks for making us aware of this.

  4. I agree! Organic is the way to go!!

  5. I am with you. I don’t want my food to come from a chemistry lab, thank you very much. I really wish we could get a labeling law passed here in the states. We have the right to know what is in our food. I have a degree in nutrition and you would be amazed at what food manufacturers are allowed to do with our food without telling us.

  6. Wow, GEO’s now, huh? How confusing and unnecessary. I don’t like to think of my fruits and veggies getting chemically pimped out for a misleading label that isn’t natural. YUCK!

  7. Ugh, I hate the thought of GMO’s altogether along with added hormones to milk. Women have a lot of power in these things because we do the grocery shopping for the most part. Just don’t buy this crap! Makes me so mad. :-(

  8. heck if the bananas don’t turn brown I might never make banana bread again. Why are people trying to ruin a good thing.

  9. I agree with you completely! I like to eat my produce as God intended, non GMO and organic. :)

  10. Ugh. They’re ALWAYS trying to confuse consumers, aren’t they? It’s maddening. I used to work in corporate marketing for a large grocery company and we always did our best to educate consumers, but it’s so hard with other companies pulling crap like this.

  11. Lisa J Jones says:

    What Will They Think Of Next This Is SUPER Great Can’t Wait To Get A Hold Of Some!

  12. It sounds like this genetic modification trend is unstoppable. I was fine with my fruits and veggies how they were.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    So interesting! I had no idea there were super fruit. I am like you….I would prefer to eat regular fruit. I am not interested in eating anything that is modified.

  14. Technology and science do some great and wonderful things. However, I am not one that wants a lot of science and modifications added to my foods.

  15. These are new to me. I wan a regular banana… don’t add anything…

  16. We are big fans of organic at our house! Try to stay away from the modified!

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