How Celebrities and WWE Superstars Hope to Stop Bullying

In case I haven’t mentioned it on the blog just yet, my kids are completely obsessed with WWE. Obsessed I tell you. By the way, have I mentioned yet that they are obsessed with WWE?

At first glance you might think that the WWE promotes violence and even a little absurdity. Some of their characters are a bit nutty, after all. Yet that is all in the ring and done for show. What I have learned since my kids began this obsession is that the WWE is actually a social good powerhouse. They address issues such as honoring military personnel and their families, promoting education, and encouraging a world without bullying,

Sadly, intolerance is everywhere. It presents itself every day in a multitude of ways. Bullying is a crisis of epidemic proportions, made even more prevalent by the influence of social media. Statistics show that over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year. Over and over again, studies say that the emotional effects of bullying in childhood can last a lifetime.

As parents, not only do we need to give our kids confidence and teach them what to do if they are ever being bullied. It is also our responsibility to make sure that our children are not the ones bullying others. We all worry that our children will be the victims of a bully, but it seems that none of us want to believe we could possibly be raising a bully. Yet if 13 million kids in this country are getting bullied, inevitably there are millions of bullies out there too.  Those bullies have to be coming from somewhere, right?

Peace begins with tolerance and respect.

It is about tolerance and respect – for everyone, by everyone.

The WWE works closely with The Creative Coalition, an advocacy organization among the arts and entertainment community that is dedicated to issues of public importance. Their members participate PSA campaigns, mentoring programs, and arts advocacy initiatives. Earlier today, The Creative Coalition and the WWE announced the launch of the new S.T.A.R. Alliance, a group of actors, musicians, comedians, athletes, television personalities who have joined together to help put an end to bullying. Some of my personal favorites are included on this list, such as Florida Georgia Line, Darius Rucker, Constance Zimmer and Omar Epps.

The name is given from BE a STAR, an anti-bullying initiative founded in 2011 by these two collaborative organizations.. Be a STAR stands for “Show Tolerance And Respect.”. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, as well as wrestling superstars such as Big Show, The Miz and Mark Henry are joining The Creative Coalition to spread the message of tolerance and respect. Other S.T.A.R. Alliance members include: Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side), Kris Allen (American Idol Winner), Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays), Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), Erin Cummings (Astronaut Wives Club), Tim Daly (Madam Secretary), Daughtry (Grammy Nominated), Omar Epps (Resurrection), Flo Rida (Grammy Nominated), Florida Georgia Line (Award Winning Country Artists), Skylar Grey (Grammy Nominated), Chelsea Hightower (Dancing with the Stars), Caleb Johnson (American Idol Winner), Arielle Kebbel (John Tucker Must Die), Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan Tonight), Ryan Ochoa (Pair of Kings), Sharon Osbourne (The X-Factor), Darius Rucker (Solo Artist and lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish), Cassie Scerbo (Make It Or Break It), Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush), Chase Spencer (The Twilight Sagas), and Train (Grammy Award Winning).

Together, let’s encourage not just our children, but everyone, to treat others with tolerance and respect. Let’s stop bullying once and for all.

WWE and The Creative Coalition form the BE A STAR Alliance



  1. This is really beautiful- peace begins with me. One of the ways that I’m learning about peaceful parenting is through understanding Non-Violent Communication tools. It’s amazing how the smallest changes can shift an entire family.

  2. Bullying is such a huge issue! It’s good to see some celebrities using their influence to positively influence kids!

  3. Bullying is serious. Glad to see people are not taking it lightly anymore.

  4. Great post. I never liked WWE at first but since I have seen more of it and I see how my husband and kids take to it, I can see that it’s not so bad and can actually be good. Also you are right about the bullies, we focus on what to do if your child is being bullied but not if your child IS the bully.

  5. I really love this initiative and having stars and celebrities bringing it all together does help entice kids to pay attention and hopefully understand and live the concept

  6. What a great initiative! I really appreciate when celebrities and businesses take action to help bring light to issues like bullying.

  7. I agree, it’s wonderful to see celebs doing their part to help raise more awareness about bullying.

  8. As a fan of the WWE ever since I was a little child I’m glad to know that they’re standing up against something that is so prevalent these days. Kudos to the WWE

  9. That’s a great message for everyone, and great that WWE is helping to spread the word. It may make more kids pay attention.

  10. This collaboration is awesome! I was a fan of the WWE when I was a kid and love that they are working with The Creative Coalition!

  11. Thanks for sharing this bulling is everywhere and out kids should not have to deal with it. Nice to know WWE is helping by lending their voice with others.

  12. What a great program! My kids and I thing these shows are kind of comical!

  13. Maybe it will help to get these guys involved…? I hope so. Bullying is a topic that we need to keep working on until it is really, truly something that kids aren’t just told not to do, but something they don’t want to do anymore.

  14. Excellent way to get the word out. More that help spread the word is good.

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