The Next Big Buzzword in Health and Wellness

If you eat oysters, beef, Alaskan king crab, lobster, or pork chop, you may be embarking on the next big buzzword in health and wellness. Care to take a guess? I am talking about Zinc. It’s not just for colds anymore. The more Zinc gets researched, the more we are going to learn about its importance and its impact on the body.

Not long ago I wrote a post for Babble about zinc’s role in fighting off breast cancer. Then just this week, researchers identified zinc as one of the most important essential trace metals, a vital element in various bodily processes and in the prevention of disease.

It is important to get enough zinc regularly in your diet, because the body does not store it. And not getting enough zinc in your diet can potentially lead to issues with:

– Absorption of foods and nutrients
– Acne
– Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (low zinc levels have been observed in patients)
– Blood pressure regulation
– Coronary artery disease
– Depression
– Diabetes
– Gastric ulcers
– Growth
– Hormone dysfunction
– Hypertension
– Immunity (fighting off illnesses)
– Liver disease
– Pneumonia
– Pregnancy and prenatal care
– Sense of taste and smell
– Wounds

Foods with high protein content, specifically animal protein, are the biggest sources of dietary zinc. If you are a vegan, vegetarian or a vegetarian (like myself), it is important to take extra precautions to get that zinc into your diet. It has been said that vegetarians (like myself) may require 50% more of the RDA for zinc than non-vegetarians. When I started reading about the zinc studies, it dawned on me that some of the minor complaints I’ve had lately could possibly be related to a zinc deficiency, so I plan on getting that checked out before it goes any further.

So what are the best sources of zinc in your diet? Here’s a list of them:

Foods that are high in zinc

You may be thinking right now that you should be fine since you regularly eat cereals that are fortified with zinc. It’s true that several foods are fortified, but there’s a slight hitch. Phylates in whole-grain breads and cereals can actually bind zinc and inhibit its absorption in the body, so those items really need to be fortified. It does not necessarily mean that you are getting a whole lot of extra zinc. It’s certainly better than no zinc, but a little something to keep in mind.

And of course, anyone who has ever had a cold knows that zinc is available as a dietary supplement in lozenges and the like. Be careful with that, because excessive use via supplements can lead to zinc toxicity. That’s why it is best to get as much zinc as possible from your diet.

Here’s the low down for you breastfeeding mamas. According to the National Institutes of Health, breast milk provides enough zinc for the first 4–6 months of life but infants aged 7–12 months should consume age-appropriate foods or formula containing zinc.

So keep an eye out for the new buzzword in health as you fill up your plate, because zinc may be more important than you think! If you are not sure whether you are getting enough zinc, head on over to the National Institutes of Health to read their recommended dietary requirements.


Editor’s Note: I have been posting about wellness every Wednesday as I get prepared to walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day in September. While doing some research on how to prepare, I read about loading up on zinc prior to the walk. While I can’t find supplemental research to back this up, it sure does not sound like a bad idea to me!

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  1. I learned a lot about zinc when I was having acne problems, and then again while pregnant. I’m quite sure I never get enough! But I’ve been buying chickpeas in bulk and eating those a lot, so I hope that helps a bit. Thanks for the info!

  2. My father has been taking zinc pills for years. I guess he was on to something.

  3. Very interesting, Jennifer. I stopped taking zinc years ago as a supplement, but do use it for colds. Living with an autoimmune disease I need to. Thanks for this useful information. I posted it in a thread I moderate for MS on FB.

  4. My hubby has been taking zinc supplements for years so this isn’t something that I am unfamiliar with.
    I’m usually more concerned with my iron levels.
    It’s funny but I eat a lot of foods already high with zinc but just wasn’t aware of it!

  5. Elisebet F says:

    Looks like I eat lots of foods high in zinc, woohoo! I take zinc whenever I feel a cold coming on, but didn’t know about the other benefits.

  6. Wow! I take zinc as a component of another supplement, because it helps with the absorption. I have fibromyalgia and the zinc has been helping too!

  7. Definitely need to up my zinc!

  8. My grandpa has always told me how great Zinc is! I didn’t know it helped with hypertension – definitely working on getting more zinc in my diet!

  9. I had no clue! Now I have more ideas about what to eat for more zinc

  10. Interesting about the zinc! We try to incorporate seafood into our meals as often as possible! Last night we had crab cakes!

  11. I had no idea that zinc could lead to all those issues! Good to know!

  12. My daughter takes zinc for wound healing, but I had no clue it could help all those other things too. Maybe I need to start taking it as well!

  13. Thanks for all the great information. I like that you included a chart with foods high in Zinc. Yes, you can take supplements but that isn’t a form as easily used by the body as the vitamins and minerals in food are.

  14. For months I went without vitamins, and minerals in my diet and noticed I was depressed bad sluggish. Now that I get enough I feel great!

  15. I had no idea that zinc could fight breast cancer. Informative post!

  16. Hmmmm… well, I may just have to eat more oysters then! Great to know!

  17. I knew that Zinc is really important, but had no idea that the lack of it could lead to so many health issues. Thanks for sharing the list of foods that are high in Zinc.

  18. great chard, we eat chicken mostly for dinner during the week. Good to know!

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