Natural Ways to Prevent or Get Rid of Sore Muscles

This week I am posting on my friend Lauryn’s site about natural ways to reduce stress, so the natural ways theme has been on my mind even more so than usual. Why use something synthetic to ease pain when your body can thrive from functional, natural behaviors and products?

As I get ready to walk the 3 Day for breast cancer in September, I have started thinking ahead about a plan for muscle fatigue. After all, walking 20 miles three days in a row sure is bound to leave us all feeling fatigued! Whether you are walking the 3 Day, running a marathon, or just beginning an exercise regimen, there are some simple pointers for getting rid of sore muscles the natural way, so you do not end up in pain and you do not need to buy medicine or other unnecessary chemicals. Here is a plan of action, based on natural ways to get rid of sore muscles:

How to Reduce Muscle Soreness the Natural Way #fitness #essentialoils #oilyfamilies

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. Research shows a definitive link between vitamin D levels and muscle efficiency. It is best to get it through a balanced diet, because sometimes taking a vitamin D2 supplement can decrease levels of vitamin D3 in the body.

Check your sneakers. Have a professional at a running store check your stride and measure your feet. If you are not wearing the right footwear your alignment can be thrown off, thus creating pain in the legs, neck and back. My friend Trina shares her tips on how to find the perfect sneaker here.

Get a massage, or at the very least, massage the area yourself.Massage is one of the best ways to improve blood flow and alleviate muscle soreness after exercise. Massage is so effective that it can even improve vascular function in people who have not exercised.

Don’t waste time sitting in ice water. Contrary to popular opinion, dunking in a tub of ice water after exercise may not be as effective as previously thought. And for those of us who have dunked in ice water know that it is, well, particularly painful, especially in those first few moments of shock to the system. So the theory no pain, no gain, may not hold true after all.

Drink the water instead. Good hydration is vital to helping muscles contact and relax properly. So inadequate fluid intake can be a likely cause of muscle fatigue and cramping, as well as those Charlie Horse cramps in your calves that wake you up in the middle of the night. Hydrating properly can aid in muscle performance and muscle recovery.

Drink watermelon juice too. That’s right. Watermelon juice is gaining quite the good reputation, according to new research, for being able to relieve post-exercise muscle soreness.

Consider esssential oils. Instead of those nasty smelling chemical-filled muscle rubs, try the natural stuff instead. Some commonly used oils include Peppermint, Copaiba, Angelica, Basil, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Deep Relief and PanAway. Depending on which oils you use, they can be diluted with a carrier oil such as castor oil or jojoba oil and massage into muscles. PanAway cand Deep Relief can be used neat, meaning without a carrier oil. They can also be used in combination with one another. Here are a few commonly used combinations:

– Add 1 part PanAway, Peppermint and Basil to 4 parts carrier oil

– Add 1 part PanAway and Angelica to 4 parts carrier oil

– Add 1 part Basil, Black Pepper and Cardamom to 5 parts carrier oil

For more information about healing with essential oils, head on over to

And always remember to stretch. Stretching not just for warming up, it is an important remedy for tight muscles too. Stretch before and after exercise, especially new exercises or ones that you have not done in a while.

Say goodbye to sore muscles!

Please note that essential oils are not evaluated by the FDA and therefore are not regulated to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. There are affiliate links in this post.


  1. Staying hydrated is so important. Great tips :)

  2. I can’t even imagine dunking in cold water, that sounds like torture.

  3. My brothers dunk in cold water after their practices and I honestly don’t know if it helps! I will say for myself that drinking lots of water helps and eating a banana for added potassium does the trick for me. Great post!

  4. I’ve been hearing so much about oils – I’ll have to try them!

  5. Great tips…I know drinking the water is so important. I have never made oils for muscle relief I will give these a try

  6. These are great tips. Thanks for the info about essential oils — I’m never sure which ones to use for what!

  7. I like the idea of using carrier oils for post-exercise massage.

  8. Great advice, I will have to check out this stuff. Love that it is all natural.

  9. Great tips! Funny my daughter and niece (both just 10) opened a business this summer “Spa Girls”! The attention to detail and their menu offering is awesome! I swear THAT is how my muscles have been fixed so fat this summer…I just book a back, arm, leg or foot massage with them and aaaah! I am quite shocked by how good they are AND how serious they take it, lol!

  10. There are a couple of really good tips here that I need to check into – I have pain in my shins and my heels. I did get inserts for my shoes; I need to have my stride checked out. I think I will check into the Good Feet store. Watermelon Juice? Okay! I can try that too!

  11. This is actually the second time I’ve read to go to a running store to measure my feet and stride. I really need to get this done! Thanks for of your recommendations!

  12. I love using essential oils for many things. Also, how exciting that you will be walking 20 miles a day for 3 days. Good luck and what a great cause!

  13. Lisa J. Jones says:

    Such Great Tips I Must Try Some ASAP As I Have Regular Back Pain & Sore Muscles Thank You!

  14. I’m going to have to try this!

  15. I so need to get on board with these essential oils, they seem to do so many great things!

  16. I have been trying to budget for months so I could invest in a few oils, as I know they’ll be really beneficial for my family in SO many ways. Now I know they’ll even help with my sore legs! (I’m training for a half marathon this year.)

    I hope I can get them soon!

  17. I know water is a huge way to get rid of sore muscles. I just have a problem making sure I drink enough each day.

  18. Your a brave soul. I cannot do 20 miles so have never signed up for this. I admire you. Such a great cause. I love essential oils and your right they are such a help. Stay hydrated and good luck to you.

  19. Thanks for the help! My daughter is a waitress and she has problems with her leg muscles hurting after working doubles!

  20. Maria Oller says:

    omg I can barely walk 2 miles I cannot even think about 20 miles seems way to much for me and thanks for the tip about drinking water I had no clue

  21. I absolutely love using essential oils. Especially in my bath!

  22. Never heard of trying watermelon juice! Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to remember these for my next workout.

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