Katy Perry and Staples are Making Roar Happen

Katy Perry Makes Roar Happen

I love it when brands and celebrities pay it forward. The latest effort comes from Katy Perry and Staples, who are working together to Make Roar Happen.

Staples is the sponsor of the North American leg of Perry’s Prismatic World Tour. As part of their partnership, Staples has donated $1 million to DonorChoose.org, an awesome organization that helps to fund classroom projects for teachers – and therefore benefits students nationwide.

For the duration of her tour, Katy Perry is helping by raising awareness of how to help teachers. Participants can give a $1 donation either in store or online at www.staples.com/makeroarhappen, because every dollar can make a difference. Sadly, teachers spend a substantial amount of their own money on school supplies each year to make their classrooms a great place to learn and to supplement what they get (or don’t) from their school districts. The proceeds from this campaign will directly benefit teachers by funding local classroom projects listed on DonorsChoose.org. And they sure to deserve it, don’t they?

According to BusinessWire.com, this week in Washington, D.C. they announced that 55 local classroom projects in the region have been funded through DonorChoose.org, costing about $44,000.

If you are a Katy Perry fan or if you have a fan in your household, you’re going to love this. fans have a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to meet Katy Perry and attend her concert on Sept. 19th at the Staples Center by entering the ‘Make Roar Happen’ Video Sweepstakes. Just create a video about your educational goals, your most inspiring teacher, or how education has positively affected you. Then upload your video at www.staples.com/makeroarhappen. (Check the fine print for details.) Of course, you are encouraged to share your videos using the hashtag #MakeRoarHappen.

But wait. There’s more.

If you spend $10 or more at any Staples store you receive a unique code based on the total amount spent. Then you can enter your code online at Staples.com/MakeRoarHappen for a chance to win two tickets to a concert in the U.S. portion of the Katy Perry’s tour. You have until Sept. 25th to enter.

So, shall we help make roar happen?

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  1. I LOVE that Staples is doing this! How cool is that? Teachers are amazing. Awesome program.

  2. Oh I LOVE THIS! Was going to get tix to her Philly show in August now I’ve even more excited! Woohoo!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that Staples is doing this!!

  4. I too really like it when companies and celebrities support great causes! Congrats to Staples and Katy!

  5. From the high school competition done by Katy last year to this and the song itself – wonderful stuff! Love it when “power” is used for good :)

  6. I love Katy Perry, and I love that Staples is giving back!

  7. I was going to go to Staples to get ink for my printer, so I am glad my purchase will go back to something like this!!!! Love Katy Perry!

  8. That’s wonderful that Katy is partnering with Staples to help kids get school supplies that can’t purchase them on their own. Wonderful!!

  9. Sounds like a great time to stock up on school supplies for the fall!

  10. My Mom was a 5th grade teacher for over 35 y ears and every year she invested her own money back into her classroom for supplies. She didn’t mind doing it, she did it for the kids. But, supporting our kids and our teachers is so important. Way to go Katy Perry and Staples!

  11. That is a great way to pay forward. Good of them to do this,.

  12. what a great cause!

  13. This is a great cause and I am proud of Staples for doing this!

  14. Love Katy Perry and thd fact that she is doing this makes me love her more.

  15. What an absolutely fantastic program! I do love it when stars and companies give back like this and I couldn’t love who they’re giving back to in this program any more-teachers are most definitely unsung heros!

  16. How cool! I have always been a Katy Perry fan but the fact that she is doing this program makes me like her even more.

  17. Elisebet F says:

    It’s true; I always spent my own money for classroom supplies and even curriculum. I’m really happy to hear about this organization!

  18. I love Katy Perry and I think it is great that she has teamed up with Staples. She is coming to Ottawa next month and I wish I was going to the concert.

  19. That’s a great sweepstakes and would be fun to enter and talk about goals, etc. That’s fantastic that Staples has made such a large donation!

  20. I used to spend a fortune on classroom supplies when I was a classroom teacher. This is a great idea!

  21. Oh that’s great! I love to hear positive things that celebs are doing with their power, money and status! Good for Katie Perry! I am a fan of her music too!

  22. I love a few of her songs but I’m not really a fan. It’s great that Staples is teaming up with her to help out a great cause.

  23. This is awesome, I love Katy Perry! I think it’s great that classroom projects are getting funded, I used to be a teacher and I know that lack of funds in the class room is an issue. I worked for a grant funded program for almost 2 years, but once the funds ran out no more program. Good job Staples and Katy Perry : )

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