When You Give a Girlfriend a Getaway

This time last year, Jersey Love was in full swing. An enthusiastic group of women from all over the country descended upon Atlantic City, intending to show the world that the region was back and open for business after the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Together we saw the just what the shore had endured during that storm, and the damage to homes and property. Yet we also had the luxury of experiencing the gaming and resort areas that were ready to bring tourism back to the region. And as a group, we shared a bond that will forever link us together.

When Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City came calling this year, it was an opportunity not to be passed up. These folks just get it. They understand what makes their guests tick. They offer the relaxation, the nightlife, the food, and so much more. They know that a girlfriend getaway can mean a time to party, or time to simply grow the bond of friendship.

During our stay, we experienced a delightful time at the Viking Cooking School, the relaxation of the indoor pool, the fabulous food at Dos Caminos, and the lure of The Pool After Dark nightclub.

As this social good blogger happily notes, Harrah’s is happy to provide the Atlantic City experiencewhile also seeking environmentally friendly alternatives. Especially after Hurricane Sandy, they recognize the invaluable importance of sustainable hospitality. I will be writing more on those environmental efforts soon. For now, enjoy the some of our experience, the pool at Harrah’s!

Join us next time, won’t you? We have lots in store!

#ACGirlfriendGetaway - Harrah's Resort Atlantic City The Pool
#ACGirlfriendGetaway - My view at The Pool at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City
#ACGirlfriendGetaway - Cabana at The Pool at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City
#ACGirlfriendGetaway - The Pool at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City
#ACGirlfriendGetaway - Harrah's Resort Atlantic City Girlfriend Getaway

* Harrah’s Resorts Atlantic City treated us to a two night stay. There was no payment or obligation to write a post on their behalf. All thoughts and opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. Wow! I would have never guessed those photos were taken in AC! It looks like a tropical resort. Thanks for sharing… would love a weekend getaway there!

  2. I have actually never been to Atlantic City, which is kind of silly because I am only a 5 hour drive from there. I need to do something about that! It sounds like an awesome event. You guys were lucky to get to attend :)

  3. This is a great place. Looks like a real nice time.

  4. Count me in next time! Looks like you had so much fun.

  5. I am insanely jealous looking at these pics! It looks like such a great time!

  6. It looks beautiful! I love that Harrah’s is committing to sustainability and a more eco-sensitive alternatives in hospitality. Thumbs up, Hararh’s!

  7. What a fun getaway! 2 nights away sounds like the perfect girls’ getaway! So glad you had fun!

  8. I saw you all sharing on Instagram!! I’m hoping I can come next year.

  9. I love the photos! It looks like SO MUCH FUN. I need to start planning getways. I really believe that they help you be a better person!

  10. I would love to join next time! Looks like such a great girls getaway!

  11. Can not wait to read more!

  12. That sounds like so much fun. I need to getaway!!

  13. You guys got the luxury treatment – looked like tons of fun!

  14. So many familiar (and gorgeous!) faces in your photo! Next time I’m hopping in your suitcase 😉

    Glad you had a nice stay!

  15. It’s been a long, long time but that was one of my fave places to stay there too. I like AC a lot!

  16. I was following the tweets/instagrams. Looked like SO much fun!

  17. Angela S says:

    I have never been to Atlantic City. I’ll have add that to my travel bucket list.

  18. Looks like a great time, I have never been to Atlantic City, sounds nice.

  19. My in-laws go to Atlantic City all the time, and they love Harrah’s. Now I can see why!

  20. Looks like an awesome place to stay! I have never been to Atlantic City, but now I want to.

  21. That looks like so much fun, I kinda can’t believe it’s only 2 hours from Philly. Looks like I need to make my first trip to AC this summer!

  22. Kelley Johnsen says:

    Looks like you have an amazing weekend. I am thinking about making a staycation for me and my sisters :-)

  23. My friend was just telling me about Harrah’s and how nice it is!! I will have to keep this in mind when we go to AC next!

  24. Maria Oller says:

    Wow the hotel looks amazing, so dies the the food I never been on AC but my husband loves it.I’ll tell him to check this hotel out next time.

  25. I love AC and the last time my husband and I were there, we stayed at Harrah’s! We didn’t even leave for the boardwalk which what we had originally planned, there was just so much to do there! We hope to stay there again soon!

  26. If you give this New Jersey girl a getaway, I’d be more than happy to write about it! Fun!!!

    Looks like a great time, and I’m sure Harrah’s does it absolutely right! Count me in next time, please!

  27. What a lovely and fun getaway. I’m due for one of those!

  28. Jessica-I am so glad you and I got to spend some time together! For sure- #Jerseylove we hold a special bond!

  29. Oh I need to plan a girls’ weekend!!! :)

  30. Wow, that looks like a great time. It has been a while since I’ve visited Atlantic City. It looks fun!

  31. I am sooooo jealous of this. Looks like you ladies had a great time! Thanks for sharing (jealous!)

  32. My first visit to AC but definitely not my last. Loved spending time with you!

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