30 Ways You Can Help the Planet


Today is the day every year when we talk about respecting our planet, the only one we have. Yet every day should be Earth Day.

If we were to make every day Earth Day, we may be able to reverse the damage done to our planet to date. Climate change is no joke. We have seen it with our own eyes as we watch one “weather event” after the next. If we all make just a few small, easy changes to our daily habits, we can change the world.

Here are 30 ways you can help the planet:

  1. Buy locally made items and locally grown foods. Shop at markets that source locally or join a CSA.
  2. Plant trees. If you do not have space to grow them, donate them.
  3. Recycle. Not just your paper and plastics, recycle your car batteries, home batteries, hangers, tires, and more. Before you throw it away, find out if it can be recycled.
  4. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving.
  5. Shop organic, chemical-free, GMO free, and fair trade whenever possible.
  6. Reuse your items. If you can’t find a way to reuse them, consider where they can be donated. Clothes and item for the home can be donated to people in need. Items that can be used to make crafts can be donated to schools and daycare centers.
  7. Take reusable grocery store bags with you when you shop.
  8. Turn down the lights in your home during the daytime.
  9. By recycled and upcycled items, and items made with eco friendly (such as biodegradable) packaging.
  10. Shop at socially responsible retailers, both online and in-store. Encourage the stores you shop at to carry eco-friendly items.
  11. Carpool.
  12. Buy items with the Energy Star label.
  13. Unplug all electronic items when you are not using them.
  14. Batch cook items in the oven. If you are cooking today’s dinner in the oven, consider what you might be able to make for tomorrow.
  15. Turn down the heat and turn up the air conditioning while you are away from your home.
  16. Eat leftovers. Use extra food in stews, shakes, salads, and more.
  17. Use LED light bulbs, solar lights and eco-friendly batteries.
  18. Reduce water use. Take quicker showers, try not to leave the water running. Lower the water power. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  19. Compost. The soil can use our scraps to thrive.
  20. Unsubscribe from all junk mail. If you take it from your mailbox and put it straight in the recycle bin, unsubscribe and reduce that waste of ink, paper and gas used for delivery.
  21. Eat less meat. The meat industry alone generates nearly one-fifth of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating climate change worldwide. Start with one vegetarian meal per week or per day and go up from there.
  22. Keep your home organized. When you know what you have on hand and can find it easily, there will be less wasted.
  23. Stop buying small bottles of water in plastic containers. Bring a reusable bottle with you instead.
  24. Don’t litter. And take a moment to clean up your neighborhood when you see litter.
  25. Consider what you can do at work to minimize unnecessary waste.
  26. Do not let a cashier put in a plastic bag what you can carry or fit it in your purse.
  27. Use eco-friendly home building and repair items.
  28. Raise your kids to care about the planet. Get them involved.
  29. Contact your local representatives to let them know that initiatives that support the welfare of the planet matters to you.
  30. Use everything you get, and get only what you will use.

You can see the theme here, right? Use less, waste less, and shop responsibly. It is that easy. We can do this. Let’s make every day Earth Day, shall we? What are you doing to change the planet?

30 Ways You Can Help the Planet


  1. I do most or all of these, but getting HUBBY on board is hard!! He totally doesn’t get the unplugging thing :(

  2. You are awesome! And yes, we should be doing these things every day, but sometimes we all need a few reminders! Loved all 30 of yours!

  3. These are great Jessica! SO important to remember all year long:)

  4. I need to be better about unplugging when we aren’t using!

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