Come On, Get Happy!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone were happy? What if we could all be happy at the same time, even for just one day?

This week we are turning Thoughtful Thursday into Happy Thursday. Why? Because this Thursday, March 20th, is the International Day of Happiness.

You are already happier having just read that, aren’t you? Thought so.

At 5:00 pm EST there will be an hour-long surge of positive energy across various platforms of social media. Learn more at You can follow along on Twitter or Instagram at #HappyDay. You can join along on Facebook too, at Global Hour + Social Good.

The International Day of Happiness is the brainchild of the United Nations Foundation, and it is being done in conjunction with musician Pharrell Williams and his hit song, Happy.

So, who wants to be happy with me?


  1. Thank you for hosting this link party! I apologize for leaving two links. I didn’t see the one per person request until I was already done and then I didn’t know how to delete the second one.

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