The Amazing Health Benefits of Omega-3’s

The Amazing Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty AcidsIn case you haven’t heard, Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils have lots of health benefits. These essential fatty acids are mostly found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, and halibut, but they can also be found in algae, some plants, and even nut and seed oils.

There are three types of Omega-3’s fatty acids EPA and DHA are found in cold water fish such as salmon, mackerel, halibut, sardines, tuna, and herring. ALA is found in flaxseeds, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, canola oil, walnuts, and the corresponding oils. It is important to note that the vast majority of health benefits associated with omega-3 fatty acids come mostly from EPA and DHA.

Here’s the thing about Omega-3’s. You have to get them through food or supplement because the body cannot make them on its own. According to the American Heart Association, adults should get 500 mg of DHA/EPA Omega-3 fish oils daily, yet most of us are not coming even close to that amount.

Why should we all be taking an Omega-3 fish oils supplement? Because they have the most incredible potential health benefits. Studies show that they may help to:

  • lower triglycerides
  • lower resting heart rate
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower inflammation in the body
  • improve vascular function
  • potentially aid in weight reduction and increased metabolism
  • lower risk of diabetes
  • promote healthy brain development
  • reduce risk of heart disease
  • support normal vision
  • improve immune function
  • reduce depression
  • lower risk of chronic diseases
  • relieve pain associated with RA or joint pain caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) and painful menstruation
  • reduce symptoms of lupus
  • increase levels of calcium in the body and improve bone strength
  • reduced risk of age related cognitive decline or dementia
  • lower menstrual pain
  • reduce risk of some types of cancer, including colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer

How’s that for convincing? If it improves health, lowers depression and can possibly help to reduce weight? I’ll take it!

Not a fish eater? Not to worry. Omega-3’s can be found in pill form, chews, gels or powdered form, however it is recommended to make sure that you are getting yours from an oily fish, such as salmon. Jut talk to your doctor or pharmacist before starting an Omega-3 supplement.

About a year ago I started using flavored gel packets that you can squeeze right into your mouth or mix into a drink. (I prefer to mix it into a glass of cold water with a little lemon or lime.) Now, the more I read about this supplement, the more I’m realizing that my whole family should be taking Omega-3’s daily.

Do you take an Omega-3 supplement?


Sources: HealtheTimes, University of Maryland Medical Center

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  1. Thanks Jess, I really need to add more omega-3 to my diet. I did not know all the benefits that is is good for diabetes and depression .

  2. Yes, we take cod liver oil pills daily for this reason. I love salmon but we don’t eat a ton of it b/c I like to buy wild and it is $$$.

  3. I always shy away from fish oil supplements because I haven’t found one that doesn’t give me stomach “issues” or have a foul taste/smell. I would love to know what brand you are using so I could get back on teh horse! :-)

  4. Great information. I know I should be taking omega-3, but the taste just bothers me. And I get heartburn. Maybe this winter wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I had taken the supplements.

  5. Great info! I love salmon and I try to eat it a few times a week. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Interesting! What are the gel pack that you use? I think I could use some more omegas in my life!

  7. I haven’t taken any supplements, though I do eat an obscene amount of fish when we summer and winter in the Keys.

  8. I’m not a fish eater, but I would love to include Omega-3s into my diet more and will def look into supplements!

  9. I’m not a fish eater…. I really should look into supplements as well!

  10. Wow! Knew that they were good but not that they did so much! We often eat the fish on this list, but I wasn’t aware of the other foods we could also be incorporating – thanks!

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