What Happens to Misprinted Sports Apparel?

What happens to misprinted sports memorabilia? #socialgood #beinspiredEvery year in major sports a final event comes down to two teams. Every year when I watch these events, I see the printed memorabilia that players are wearing stating that they are winners just moments after the game has ended. Knowing someone who does apparel and accessories printing for several major stores, I have heard stories of  that rushing to work as the winner is announced to start printing out his gear.

This year it was the Seattle Seahawks who donned the apparel after that final game of NFL football season in a stunning show of domination over an opponent. Before the confetti had settled players were already wearing their championship memorabilia.

But what about the other team? Clearly they must have to print items for both teams in advance of the game, and plenty of it. What happened to all the hats and shirts that declared the Broncos the winners of the big game?

I have always wondered about this.

Having always assumed that it was donated somewhere outside of the United States. Today I found out that this is exactly what happens. It makes me so happy to know that people in need will receive the items rather than get destroyed.

According to the article, prior to 1996, the league would destroy merchandise that was ultimately misprinted. However, for the past 17 years, World Vision has been given the merchandise as a donation.  Misprinted sports apparel and merchandise from championship games from the NFL and other leagues comprised 60 pallets of product that were sent to people in need around the world last year.

What inspired you this week?


  1. Thank you for this encouragement…….there is so much bad news in the world……so much selfishness…….it is nice to hear of someone helping others. :) Gentle Joy

  2. That is so cool… I never thought about that before… glad to hear it doesn’t go to waste.

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