The Move towards Socially Responsible Denim

Moving towards socially responsible denimAs consumers we can make a collective impact by putting our dollars towards brands that give back, that do good, and that take their responsibility to the customer seriously. Yet it is also helpful when anyone who has the ability to make an impact do so in their own way. Over the past couple of weeks, two terrific announcements were made in a move towards socially responsible clothing and fashion, particularly in the area of recycled denim.

RAW for the Oceans

Pharrell Williams, singer, producer, and wearer of a now infamous large brown hat, is also known as someone who cares a great deal about the environment. He is the creative director of Bionic Yarn, known as the world’s first high-performance eco-friendly thread. The thread is manufactured using very strong fibers from recycled plastic bottles, making it both efficient and environmentally-friendly. This week, Bionic Yarn announced that they will be making a new line of denim using plastic materials recycled from the oceans and their shores.

The collection is called “RAW for the Oceans”, a long-term collaboration between Bionic Yarn and denim brand G-Star RAW. The two have joined forces to innovate denim and to make an impact against plastic pollution. On February 8th, Williams and a few of his famous friends debuted the new collection in New York. RAW for the Oceans will be available at select stores, and online beginning on August 15th. Stay tuned!

Oh how I love a celebrity who puts his mouth where his money is…


In another awesome move, Clothing powerhouse H&M also announce recently the launch of a denim line made partially from recycled textiles. Previously the Swedish retailer had encouraged customers to bring in and donate their unwanted clothing to retail locations. Consumers donated nearly 7.7 million pounds of discarded clothing.

The brand’s new “capsule collection” includes five denim pieces for both men and women, each made up of 20% of recycled materials. Proceeds of the sales of these items, which will go on sale this month, will go back to the H&M Conscious Foundation, which helps to fund research towards decreasing the impact of textile production on the environment.

Way to go, H&M. Hopefully this is just the beginning of what will be many new lines of socially responsible denim.

Now tell me, would you look to purchase items made from recycled materials? Does this move drive you towards RAW for the Oceans or H&M?


  1. Bravo on both Pharrell and H&M for taking this step! I can’t wait to check them out!

  2. Great job to both of those stores for doing something like this. Awesome. I will check out the jeans the next time I am in H&M.

  3. I had no idea…THANKS for sharing and YES I would totally move towards those brands just because of their social good practices.

  4. That is awesome. Makes me want to go shopping at H&M! LOL!

  5. Awesome! I definitely need to check these brands out now simply because of this practice!

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