5 Easy Ways to Give Back with Coupons

If you are looking for a way to give back, do not throw away your manufacturer’s coupons. Instead, consider these opportunities for using them to help others. Here are 5 easy ways to give back with coupons:

5 Easy Ways to Give Back with Coupons

– Donate unused coupons to a local food bank or shelter. Simply find a local homeless shelter, women’s shelter or food bank. Call first to make sure that they are accepting coupons and then drop off your unused coupons or send them by mail. Since most of these organizations have 501c3 non-profit status they get an additional discount at the point of purchase.

– Use your “Buy One, Get One” coupons for donation purposes. Buy one for yourself and donate the other. What a terrific way to give back, and if you are a parent, to teach the beauty of giving back to children. Let them take the donation with you to a local food bank or shelter.

– Do not throw away your expired coupons. Send them to organizations that donate them to the troops. I have written about this several times before, because I think it is such a fabulous way to give back. For US military families who are stationed overseas, coupons can be redeemed for up to six months past their expiration date. You can donate your coupons, valid and expired via organizations such as CouponstoTroops.com.

– Look for opportunities to pay it forward with coupons. For example, right now High Ridge Brands will donate one shower’s-worth of product from each of their participating brands to  a poverty relief program of the non-profit organization Family-to-Family that will distribute items to local social service organizations. The coupons can be found in the Sunday paper or downloaded from each brand’s website. For more information on this particular social marketing campaign, please visit http://highridgebrands.com/FamilytoFamily/.

– Get everyone involved. Clipping coupons is time-consuming, but easy. It can be done while having family time or watching a favorite program. Once a child can use a scissor and cut safely they can begin to give back. This is also a great project idea for Girl Scout Troops and teens who must do service projects for school or religious organizations. And as my friend Barb recently reminded me, this is a great project for the elderly too. So even if you don’t have time to clip the coupons yourself, you can find someone who will and donate your coupons to those people.

Happy couponing!


  1. I’ve never heard of some of these programs like coupons to troops. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a bad habit of throwing away expired ones, or ones we don’t use. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I had been throwing out my expired coupons. But now that I know about CouponstoTroops I’m going to be donating them. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I love that we can send our expired coupons to our military friends! What a great little, easy, free way to say thanks!

  5. I had NO idea you could do these things. OMG! THANK YOU!

  6. What a great idea. I don’t find a lot of coupons for organic products which is generally what I buy but I will keep my eyes open and try these.

  7. My kids just did the coupon thing at church on Sunday. They had people bring in coupons for before and after the church service. I was amazed at the amount of people that donated. Our church youth group leaders then took them to our local food bank. When they totaled them up, it was almost $300 in coupon savings.

  8. This is awesome! Love this!

  9. I just took a bunch of food to the food pantry! No clue I could take coupons too!

  10. First of all, I’m an awful bloggy friend because I kept seeing your new handle and was like, what happened to her old one? So I have no clue how long you’ve had this new space, because again I am awful.

    That said, I love this post. I totally do these things. I am also a huge coupon fairy. I leave them at the store on the products they’re for. :)

  11. These are awesome ideas! We take excess/free to the food pantry as often as possible.

  12. I’ve never thought about donating unused coupons, but I love the idea! I will give it a try!

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