2014: The Year of Living Life on Purpose

I am not big on resolutions. It seems as if few people ever stick to them anyway, so why bother? This year was the first time I ever decided on a word of the year. And you know what? It worked. At several points throughout the year I referred back to the word, making sure that I was staying on the right path.

For 2013 my word was take. It is a little unconventional, but had several meanings that applied to where I wanted to be at year’s end. It implied a desire to be bold and venture outside of my comfort zone. After getting burned in 2012, I knew it would be a mistake to venture back into my own little shell. Though in the end I did not take in the exact way I had imagined, I did take advantage of a few exciting opportunities both in business and personally.

What I wanted for 2013 was a year of growth. And throughout the year I have continued to grow. The growth process has been a wonderful learning experience so far.

What I also learned in 2013 is that it is wonderfully flattering to be invited to sit at the table, but sometimes it is even better to sit yourself down at the right table.

What I hope for 2014 is to make it a year of refinement. This year I wanted to take care of it all. Next year I want to take care only of what matters most. This year I wanted to take part in everything. Next year I want to take part only when there is a clear purpose for doing so. And with that, 2014 will be the year of living on purpose.

Purpose is about priority. Purpose is about intention. Purpose is about focus. Purpose is about meaning.

The coming year will focus on making choices that align with both my personal and professional goals. It will be the year that decisions, both big and small, will be made on purpose and with a clear purpose. During those moments of checking in with myself throughout the year, this word will be my rock. After all, people who live with purpose rarely live with regret.

What word will guide you through 2014?

Living life on purpose.


  1. Love the word purpose for you!— and this: “After all, people who live with purpose rarely live with regret.” is absolutely true!

  2. Funny how words and people have a way of matching themselves up perfectly! Can’t wait to follow along with you.

  3. I love this Jessica. Purpose. Yes, you are becoming discerning about the opportunities that have come and are coming your way, and that is the way it should be. I think my word for 2014 will be meaning. I want all I do to have meaning, especially for me. That is similar to purpose but with a slightly different um, meaning for me.

  4. I think you and I are on similar pages right now; refining what we want for ourselves, and finding ways to get there. Paying attention and living with purpose go hand in hand! Wishing you a 2014 full of purpose and positive things coming your way.

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