Getting Kids to Take a Probiotic

Thank you to Yakult USA for sponsoring this article. Learn why Yakult’s exclusive L. casei Shiorta probiotic strain can make all the difference for digestive health.

Getting kids to take a probioticOver the past year my family has started taking daily probiotics. Well, most of us. After it was recommended for my older son who has a gastrointestinal disease and doing some extensive reading about probiotics and our immune systems, I decided that it would be beneficial for all of us.

Approximately 70% to 80% of the immune system is located in the gut, so maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract is important not just for our digestive systems but for our overall health.

Probiotics are live microorganisms, known as “good bacteria” that can potentially help correct imbalances in our digestive system. They come in tablets, powders, drinks, or in smaller amounts in some fortified foods. The potential advantages of daily probiotics use include:

As I mentioned earlier, most of my family has been taking a daily probiotics. My youngest has made this a bit of a challenge. So when the folks at Yakult asked if I wanted to give their product a try I knew exactly who would be getting the product! Yakult Probiotic Drink

My little one is my dairy drinker while my oldest has a severe milk allergy. (Keeping careful track of who gets what in our household can be confusing at times to say the least!) Yakult is a probiotic dairy product made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota.

Yakult contains 50 calories and 11 grams of sugar. It is frankly a bit more sugar than I would prefer to give him, but not so much that the amount of sugar outweighs the benefit of the probiotics, especially if it replaces on of his glasses of milk (since he already gets plenty of protein and calcium in his diet). Plus,Yakult has no preservatives, gluten, or high fructose corn syrup so it is right up my alley.

It took my son a few days to get used to the tartness of the Yakult flavor, but lately he has been drinking one every day.

If you would like to learn more about Yakult or find out where to purchase the product in your area, go to: You can also take a short quiz here to receive a free Yakult trial offer.


Disclosure: This is a paid post sponsored by Yakult USA and Technorati. I received a free 10-day supply of Yakult Probiotic Drinks to complete my review. Although I have been compensated to help spread the word about strain-based probiotics, all opinions expressed here are genuine and my own.

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  1. I was really sick a few years ago with a stomach virus/bacteria and had to take a super antibiotic to help. After that I had to take a probiotic for a while but I never thought about taking it on a regular basis much less have the kids do it too. Looks I need to do a bit more reading!

  2. Sounds like the perfect solution for kids. I take a probiotic daily!

  3. Yes, probiotics are so important! Mine would be more inclined to ea this than take those probiotic pills.

  4. Probiotics are so important, especially for kids! I give my kids probiotics vitamins every morning! :)

  5. I have been learning more and more about the benefits of probiotics and how helpul they are for overall health.
    I am looking for ways to incorporate them on a regular basis.

  6. Very interesting. I need to check into this for my kids. Not sure I could get them to drink it, but it would be worth a try!

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