Friday Roundup of Health & Wellness Posts

Health & Wellness roundupAre you ready to get healthy, strong and fit? Here’s some motivation for you from around the web. Remember that the past does not define you. It is the present that defines you. Take that and have a very happy Friday!


Looking for Lumps? 8 More Warning Signs for Breast Cancer: Mammograms and self-exams are super important. It is also essential to know these possible warning signs of breast cancer other than a lump in the breast.

Why Every Woman Should Check her Neck: We are consistently being reminded to check our breasts for signs of breast cancer. So why aren’t we being reminded to check our necks for thyroid cancer?

Fitness & Weight Loss:

Get Moving! Babble Bloggers Share their Workout Playlists: Want to know what songs are on your favorite Babble blogger’s workout playlist, the songs that motivate them? Well, here you go!

Read Carefully Before You Purchase These 10 Foods: This is not one of those posts that is meant to scare you, but it might. These 10 common grocery store items are masquerading as good for you, but only if you are reading the labels carefully.

Let’s Talk About Weight Stigma: This week is National Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW), and in its honor, how about we stop weight shaming and start supporting each other instead


14 Healthy Afterschool Snacks Your Kids Will LOVE: Kids come home from school hungry, and us moms want them to have a healthy snack that hold them until dinner. Here are 15 healthy after school snack ideas.

Yet Another Reason Why All Women Should Take Folic Acid: A new study shows why every single woman of childbearing age should be taking folic acid.

Can Melatonin Help You Lose Weight?: Melatonin is wonderful for helping to promote a restful night’s sleep, but can it also help you lose weight? The results of a new study say that just may be the case.

Social Good:

How and Why the NFL Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The National Football League has made breast cancer awareness month a huge priority. Here’s why, and what you will see this October in the NFL.

Why Michelle Obama Wants You to Drink More Water: Michelle Obama cares about how much water you drink. Her new campaign is an effort to get Americans to drink more water. Here’s why.

Totally Random:

NASA Wants Your Body: NASA is looking pay $10,000 to volunteers who are willing to lie in bed for a whopping 70 days. Here is one mom’s response to that interesting opportunity.

Gray’s Anatomy: When and Why Our Hair Turns Gray: Ever wonder why hair turns gray, why some people are going gray faster than others, or when you will go gray? Here are the answers.

Why Yes, You CAN Crowdfund for a Facial: Crowdfunding takes on a whole new meaning thanks to a new website that allows members to crowdfund for cosmetic procedures.

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