Thinking About Time

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking quite a bit about time. It comes from a determination to utilize my time better during this school year, or at least do better than in years past. How can I get my kids into good habits if I am not following my own advice?

Utilizing our time well is probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. After all, we all have a limited supply of it. (Leave it to me to take simple topics like creating a schedule and maximizing productivity and getting all philosophical about it.) At the end of the day, I want to look back and know that my time was well utilized.

Why am I getting so wound up about this? Productivity and time management used to be one of my strongest assets. Knowing that I could always find a way to get it all done was a confidence booster to me and to those around me. Now when I look at the piles of paper to be put away and my never-ending to-do list, it is another reminder that I am no longer that person who can do it all.

The way I see it, we have opportunities, obligations and the dreaded “to-do” list, those items that have to get done as soon as we can fit them in somewhere. Right now, that “to-do” list is completely overwhelming, so much so that just thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise.

So to start off the school year on the right foot, I am trying to set aside enough time to fulfill obligations, take advantage of opportunities and chip away at that dreaded list. The beauty of being a blogger is that you can make your own hours so to speak, but that does not seem to be working anymore. It is time to set work hours and create a better, more efficient use of time. For instance, I have come to recognize that I do my best writing best early in the morning and do a better job of chipping away at smaller tasks better later in the day. Next up is to determine the best way to eliminate distractions and regain productivity.Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

So here we go again, settling in to a new routine and trying to figure it all out. As they say, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

How do you budget your time? What works best for you?

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  1. You hit a hot button for me as well. I am trying to figure out the same thing. I can’t do everything so what can I do that is most precious to me?

  2. that quote resonated with me.
    as did an article I read a few weeks go about what the dying want the living to know.
    all they wanted to share was SLOW DOWN. SLOW DOWN.

    Im trying to heed.

  3. I’m terrible with time management, seriously terrible!!!!! I get distracted too much and so all that hopping around makes me 75% less productive!

  4. My time management skills are deplorable but that little quip really hit home.

  5. I am also working on this too. I read the e-book “Tell Your Time” and used the included worksheets. It has really helped so far.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    I have not mastered the fine art of finding time to get everything done that is on my Mommy, Wife, Homeschool Teacher, and Professional Blogger list. I can say though, that I have mastered the art of teaching my kids and husband how to help out around the house more. I strive to make them independent and healthy.
    I have learned the fine art of knowing what HAS to be done in a given day, and finding a way to do it. There are some days when I’m going from the time my feet hits the ground until well into the owl night hours.
    I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. It keeps my life interesting and active. I love having my family through all of it though. I totally utterly enjoy meeting and building relationships with wonderful bloggers like yourself. :)

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