Health News Roundup

Here’s your Friday health news from around the web over the past two weeks. I hope you find something in here that resonates with you. Have a fabulous weekend!

Why Michelle Obama Wants You to Drink More Water: Michelle Obama cares about how much water you drink. Her new campaign is an effort to get Americans to drink more water. Here’s why.

7 Reasons to Give Spinning Class a Try: Spin studios are popping up everywhere. Ever been curious about what makes spinning class so popular? Here’s what I found out when I finally gave it a try.

Why Women in their 40s Should Get a Mammogram: New research out of Harvard University reveals why it is extremely important to get a mammogram starting in your 40’s.

7 Scary Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Weight: Getting enough sleep is vital to good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. Here’s why you need to get your zzz’s.

8 Smart Reasons to Follow a Mediterranean Diet: You don’t have to move to Greece to be healthier! Just eat a Mediterranean diet here at home. Here are 8 compelling reasons to try a Mediterranean diet.

The Unexpected Benefits of Good Dental Hygiene: Brushing is not just for keeping those pearly whites clean. Here are 8 unexpected reasons why you need to maintain good dental hygiene, and why you should get your kids in the habit of having a daily dental routine.

Happy News for Wine Drinkers: New research shows that moderate wine consumption can lead to lower levels of depression. Cheers!


  1. I love reading our babble articles so informative. thanks for sharing

  2. Great links! I can’t believe the good dental hygiene one!

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