An Auction, Some Paint & Josh Duhamel

josh duhamelHow’s that for a post title? Here at Found the Marbles, I try to make an effort to highlight the good guys. And actor Josh Duhamel is one of them. He has just announced that he has joined Valspar Paint and Habitat For Humanity to launch Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat.

Valspar Paint has received autographed handprints from a range of celebrities, which will be auctioned off and proceeds from the auction will benefit Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response program.  The program provides both immediate and long-term response after devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Texas.  Habitat helps families rebuild their lives after a disaster strikes.

The Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat auction includes the colorful handprints of several celebrities which were created with Valspar Paint. It is live at the Valspar Paint Facebook Page, with handprints open for bidding through Friday, Aug. 30, 2013 at noon EST. Check it out!

Happy Thoughtful Thursday. Only one more unofficial Thursday of summer to go!

Photo credit: Wikimedia


  1. So nice to see the good guys cheered on! Thank you for hosting this space. May a blessing return to you.

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