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Just Bing ItSeveral times per week my nine year-old will ask me a random, inquisitive question that I cannot answer, so I suggest that we look up the answer together online.  Then each time I cringe, knowing that someday soon he is going to figure out that he can turn to the web with any curiosity about any topic.  Though we keep parental controls on our computers at home, too often they do not eliminate tempting or in appropriate ads from popping up.

It scares me how this generation of kids has access at their fingertips to so much online content.

Bing.com has announced a new initiative starting this coming fall to help our schools teach digital literacy skills to kids in a way that has removed all advertisements and adult content from search results.  Can you say AWESOME?

While ads are valuable in the appropriate time and place, schools should be a place for learning and not selling.  Bing for Schools also comes with an automatic adult content filter and you can adjust the settings according to your school’s preferences.  Bing has figured out how to maintain the cool factor for older kids as well, by adding an optional sidebar where kids can use their social media accounts for secondary search purposes. 

If you want your child’s school to know about the new Bing for Schools initiative, simply go to http://bing.com/schools and give them your email, so that they can reach out to your school district.  Throughout the summer Bing will be releasing a self-service signup tool for schools as well as a partner program for parents.

For more information, go to: http://www.bing.com/schools.

Disclosure: While I am impressed with what Bing has in store for digital learning in schools, I have not been compensated for this post.


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  2. Thanks for hosting. Wow, this sounds like something my daughter’s school could really use. We have all the parent controls on our home pc, but sometimes I worry what she might see when her class does research on the school computers. Thanks for this information!!

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