Thoughtful Thursday: Paying it Forward

pay it forwardHave you heard about Aaron’s Wish yet?  The mission of this site is to show the various ways that people can pay it forward, and there is no better way to do it than this.  When Aaron Collin, a computer technician, died unexpectedly, his brother found a will on his computer.  In his will, Aaron’s last wish was to anonymously make someone’s day by doing a grand gesture such as leaving a $500 tip to a waiter or waitress.  His brother set out to fulfill Aaron’s wish, and in doing so he has started a pay it forward movement of epic proportions.  People all over the country have been finding ways to pay it forward by leaving $500 tips, by making the day of a complete stranger or by donating to the organization started in Aaron’s name.

To make a donation to Aaron’s Wish, go to: or follow along on Facebook at

How will you pay it forward?


    the child and I try to live each day paying it forward too.
    on OUR MOST CHALLENGING DAYS we still know we’re blessed.

  2. I love stories like this! I wish THEY dominated the news – just think of the power and influence that would create for good!

  3. What a beautiful thing – there are always Angels here on earth – we just have to find them!

  4. People like that inspire me so much. It’s sad that he never got to see what a legacy he began though!

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