Giving Back to New Jersey

Atlantic City #JerseyLoveIt seems that severe weather and natural disasters have been taking over the news in the last few years, from sinkholes to tornadoes to “superstorm” hurricanes. In the Northeast, the New Jersey shore, or simply “the shore” as New Jerseyans prefer to call it, was one of the locations nearly devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy last October. 

My family lives two hours north of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  If you dared to go outside even for a few seconds during the hurricane, you could clearly smell the salt water from the ocean.  (I ran out mid-day on Monday for just a few seconds to secure a door when the smell of the ocean came over me.)  Monday night as I lay in the dark listening to the howling, scary winds, I could not help but wonder what was taking place at the shore if the storm was this strong two hours away.

Since that horrible October night, officials and volunteers have done tremendous work in clearing debris, trying to get folks back into their homes and getting the New Jersey shore ready in time for beach season.  Last year, summer tourism at New Jersey’s shores accounted for nearly half of New Jersey’s $38 billion in tourism revenue.  According to the New York Times, Atlantic City has lost at least nine conventions because of the storm, accounting for 23,000 canceled hotel-room reservations and $31 million in spending.  And that does not account for the millions of vacations taken at the shores each summer, which are in question this year due to the aftermath of the storm.

So the first week in June, a group of bloggers (including myself) are headed to the shore to show some “Jersey Love” and to show firsthand why folks should not give up on the New Jersey shoreline.  We will be experiencing a taste of what the shore has to offer, taking lots of photos and sharing our experience via social media.

Dawn Sandomeno of, one of the organizers of the retreat, experienced the devastation of the hurricane firsthand when the homes on her very own street were destroyed.  Hosted by Caesar’s Entertainment and D6 Sports, the Jersey Love Retreat is designed to encourage consumers like you to visit the Jersey Shore. The retreat includes activities such as a wine tasting, lighthouse tour and a beach day with skimboard and surf lessons.  There will also be a very special presentation with the mayor of Belmar, NJ, one of the hardest hit towns along the state’s shoreline.

I hope you will follow along as we try in our own way to use our social media and blogging presence to help restore the shore. We look forward to sharing the shore with you.
At the shore


  1. I had no idea they lost so many conventions! Ugh, another hit my NJ neighbors don’t need. I’m so glad to see that people are stepping up to help this great state, looking forward to seeing how this campaign progresses!

  2. What a great idea! I look forward to following your trip. It sounds like such a great way to drive awareness.

  3. Mchelle says:

    My town was devastated by the storm as well so i fully support your “giving back” efforts

    • Oh how awful, Michelle. I am so sorry to hear that. Being from Long Island and now living here, so many people I know were affected by that horrible day. I hope our efforts help in some small way.

  4. I love hearing how communities pull together and support each other after a disaster. This trip is sure to be a life changing experience for you. I look forward to following along.

  5. Can’t wait to follow along and share all the Jersey Love you ladies are going to put down in June!!

  6. This was beautifully written, Jessica. I’m honored to be part of this with you and can’t wait to spread the Jersey Love for our State.

  7. You guys are awesome for doing this!!

  8. This post makes me so happy. I grew up on the Jersey Shore, and my family still lives there. The Shore may not be back to 100%, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from taking their family vacations there this summer. I miss my Shore and I know this summer will be the best one yet!

  9. Awesome! My family loves Pt. Pleasant and we go almost every year, even for day trips. I didn’t realize you were in NJ – so close!

  10. I hope to get to the shore a few times this summer and give LBI all the support we can!

  11. Awesome initiative! I’m a part time resident of NJ, and it’s great to see the love and support pouring in.

    • Thanks, Nicole. So if you’re there a lot you know how much it matters to people from all over the Northeast to be able to go “down the shore.” 😉

  12. This is so wonderful! I wish I lived closer so I could help out too.

  13. What a fantastic idea to bring social media love to the Garden State!

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