Motherhood Memories: Nicole’s Amazing Apple Pie

Nicole's Amazing Apple PieMany many thanks to Nicole of for sharing her memories of cooking with mom today as part of our Motherhood Memories series.  Once upon a time, oh, a long, long time ago ….

There is a memory from my childhood. It is probably the earliest memory that I have that is very clear. I believe that I was about four years old, my Mom remembers that was how old I was when they lived in this house in a small village in England. I recall this garden, and even this tree, and a pathway to a wooden gate that would take you out to the field behind. As a little girl, I remember it to be a huge field, but it probably wasn’t and my Dad says we planted potatoes there once. We yielded way less than we planted apparently.

All it takes to bring me to this place is the fragrant smell of apple pies. I don’t remember if we picked the apples in this garden, I do remember blackberries being there. I remember the path as uneven, there were many branches and blackberry bushes may have thorns.

This is me, back then in the garden …

Nicole, a long time ago. Sisters from Another Mister.

If I close my eyes, I can picture walking thro the backdoor and into the kitchen. I think the counters were a green colored sort of linoleum, and there were cupboards above the counters. My Mom would have me by her side as she would slice the apples … she always made pastry from scratch (not sure there was another way back then) I can see those little cubes of butter she would use as she would slice up a block of butter. I would sift the flour onto the countertop for her to begin rolling out the dough. I remember her slicing the apples, so tart, it makes my mouth water now at the thought.

Childhood Memory - Sisters from Another Mister

That is my Mom on the left, and the daughter of a neighbor on the right I believe.
I think her Mom’s name was Marjory, and she worked in the cafeteria where I went to school when I was four. I know we sat at big tables, and she came to talk to the teacher who wanted me to put my utensils in opposite hands … they were not forgiving of a left handed child in those days.

Apple pie – homemade is still my favorite. With real apples, no jellied mush, and definitely no raisins in sight. (let it be said that they are just sad little grapes with the very life just squished and dried out of them.) Leftover pastry, all those little pieces cut from the edges, it was always the highlight. I would roll it out, twist it into shapes, spread a little apricot jam or strawberry jam and they would bake quickly in the oven.

Little treats for little hands.

The other night, here in our home, we made the teeniest little tarts with left over pastry. We used the smallest cutter, filled them with a little jelly and baked them with the light on in the oven so The Princess could watch the jelly bubble. Later, we used spray cream in a can, and made little mountains on top of them and popped them into our mouths.

Every last one.

Now a firm favorite with my youngest.

Every time I eat an amazing apple pie, it takes me back, way back to that time when it was just my Mom and I in the kitchen. Side by side, me on a chair, and her talking me throough it. I am blessed to have my Mom nearby, and I am doubly blessed that we are still making memories together … I love you Mom.

A huge thank you to Jessica for this little trip down memory lane. I am blessed to know Jessica both on line and in real life, and love all that she brings to the blogosphere with her kind heart and passion to bring good to the world.
Thank you for having me Jessica … hope to hug you soon.
Happy Mothers Day to all and a recipe worth saving …

Apple Pie - Sisters From Another Mister

And as always …

hugs and kisses Sisters From Another Mister

Nicole Morgan


  1. Thank YOU so very much Jessica … I really enjoyed writing this for you xxxx

  2. What a great theme for a series! I can totally relate to memories that involve loved ones and food. Now I want some apple pie :)

  3. I love this and youve made me now think about what food brings back my mommemories.

    and want to write that story for HER….

  4. I always joke with my husband that I’m lucky my Mom did not teach me how to cook when we eat at her place! I do wish I had these memories though. Looking forward to passing down what I’ve learned from Food Network to my girls and many generations to come.

  5. I just adored seeing you little you, Nicole! And I loved strolling back in time with you to England. Wonderful!

  6. How awesome you found & posted those pictures! Apple pie is the only fruit pie I will eat, I just love it, especially warm & fresh from the oven, with real vanilla bean ice cream on it. Thanks, great recipe.

  7. I so love apple pie! It is probably one of my absolute favorites and you’re right… no raisins in at all!

    I remember using the scraps of pie crust to make little treats all rolled up with jam when I was little too! It was one of my favorite parts about helping make pie.

  8. I loved reading this. I agree about the raisins – don’t like them much. And I remember my mom telling me they used to do the same thing with her – actually forced her to write with her right hand even though she was left-handed… As I was reading, I actually could smell and taste my mom’s Apfelstrudel! :)

  9. Love it! I made an apple pie last week and my apples never got “fork tender” so seeing this recipe with simmered apples makes me feel like maybe I can get it right. Thanks for sharing, and those pictures are awesome. :)

  10. What a great idea to make tarts!

  11. What a beautiful story about your mom and all of the memories that you share! I love reading it! And seeing some old school pics too:) Can’t wait to try that recipe!

  12. I love apple pie and I love the story! I’ve only made it once or twice – I’m going to have to try this recipe next!

  13. YUM! And I agree, raisins have NO place in apple pie, lol.

  14. What a wonderful memory! I love how the senses take us back to such incredible places in our lives. I also love how you are continuing the connection of the generations through bringing these traditions into your kitchen with your daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  15. This was such a sweet and beautiful story. I want to create these kinds of memories for my children. Thank you for sharing these.

  16. I love apple pie hot out of the oven topped with vanilla bean ice cream! YUMMY!

  17. What a wonderful look back. Apple pie holds a lot of meaning for me too. I’d love to try this recipe sometime, it sounds magnificent!

  18. Love the old photos and memories from Nicole! Apple pie is my favorite, I need to try this recipe!!!

  19. What a lovely way to introduce a recipe. Thank you for taking me on that little trip with you. I escaped in your memories for a few moments. And now I’m going to have to make a pie soon.

  20. Oh how I love apple pie! I have memories from when I was 4 years old and I remember the trees and the fence and a path to my great grandfathers house. I don’t remember smells or anything like that so I am glad to see I am not the only one.

    • just little things that suddenly strike a chord …
      I gave my Mom a journal the other day and asked her to start writing all the little things that she could remember down for me …. from her life – she was the baby of 11!

  21. What a wonderful story – I love the memories that food can bring back! Sounds delicious!

  22. YUM. If there is one dessert I can NOT pass up, it’s apple pie. Love it, and this one looks great!

  23. What a great memory! Apple pie is definitely a comfort dessert!

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