How You Can Help Put an End to Bullying



Choose love.Bullying has been a major buzzword in our society over the last few years, particularly as cyberbullying has taken these actions off school grounds and made them too pervasive to ignore. Brought to the forefront of the news after a wave of teenage suicides, communities have finally taking notice of the serious damage that bullying can do.

What we have not talked enough about yet is how to put an end to bullying. When our children are young we tell them to be kind to others, to share, to use nice words and to include everyone. Then we wait. Since we have taught them these basic life lessons we assume that our child has soaked them up and is therefore more likely to be the prey than the villain.

If you are looking for a place to begin, consider taking a pledge against bullying. Bullying can have a lifelong impact. We have the power to prevent it by taking action. If you can stand up to bullying and its damaging effect on children, schools, and communities, join the growing movement of people committed to taking action. Start by taking this pledge:

After taking the pledge, take action:

• Talk to your kids about what they are seeing and hearing in school. Even if they are not being bullied, do they see bullying happen at school? What can they do about it? Are they following the pack or are they standing up for their friends in instances of bullying? Role play with them so they know how to handle different real-life, age-appropriate situations when they see bullying happen.

• Remind them that words can hurt. They may hear something in school and need to be reminded that it is not just an expression. Sadly, words like “retarded” and “gay” are still all too commonplace in our schools and beyond. For proof of that, take a look at GLSEN’s Twitter tracker, which keeps real-time statistics of anti-gay slurs being said daily on Twitter at

• Talk to your children about standing up for themselves. Help build their self-esteem. Studies show that bullies tend to seek out victims who appear to lack confidence. Role play different scenarios with them so that feel ready to respond to bullies.

• Set an example for your kids. Choose your words carefully around them. Don’t use words that you wouldn’t want your children to use. Don’t be a bully. Don’t judge others by their race, religion, weight, gender or by who they love. When you see instances of bullying, stand up and say something. Be kind and confident. Remember, your children are watching.

The effects of bullying can last a lifetime. First, take the pledge. Then, take action.

Choose love.


  1. pledged I love your passion for the anti bullying cause

  2. Bullying is something I don’t want my kids ever involved in. Thanks for this. Signed!

  3. This is wonderful that you are bringing awareness to this. I hope one day bullying will be completely eradicated, wouldn’t that be amazing?

  4. Took the pledge!! I hate that any kid is bullied :(

  5. I wish all parents would check and make sure that their own kids aren’t bullies. I really feel like so much can be helped starting at home with that.

    • I agree. Studies show that many (but certainly not all) bullies are either mimicking what they see at home, or bullying to get attention at home.

  6. One of my biggest fears as I send my oldest ….and very sensitive son with medical issues to school for the first time. *gulp* Thanks for bringing attention to such an important issue.

  7. Happy to take the pledge and stand up against bullying.

  8. Online bullying is the worst. I actually found your post via your friend over at the Six Year Itch. And I found her because she is a big bully. Maybe we should send her the link to this post.

  9. Having two shy sweet and non confrontational kids this is close to my heart. I pledged

  10. I signed. So far we haven’t experienced much bullying, but our kids are young. It’s so sad that I expect at some point we will have to deal with some bullying. I wish that weren’t the case and I sincerely hope I am wrong

  11. I can’t imagine how much easier my life would have been as a kid if bullying was as big of a deal as it is now–and I was just a shy kid so the bullying really wasn’t too severe. It just makes me so mad how mean some kids (and people in general) can be to one another. I think it is so important to teach our kids ways to deal with bullies. It is also important to teach our kids to be kind to other kids no matter how they act or what they believe.

  12. Bullying was never high on my radar…until my son was bullied. He has had a rough time for the last few years now and it just breaks mt heart. I would love for this to end for every parent and child.

  13. I took the pledge! Thanks for sharing!

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