Are You a Strong Mom?

Strong women empowerThe “StrongMoms Empower” campaign is an effort going on now to empower moms about the decisions they make for their children and their families. It saddens me how quick we are to publicly berate other parents, especially in today’s world where there seems to be a large amount of computer muscles behind the boldness of those who take it upon themselves to criticize.

It is time to put the “Mommy Wars” to rest once and for all.  It is getting us nowhere.  It is time to support one another, even if we do not always agree with one another; especially if we do not agree with one another.  No matter how strong our feelings, there is no right or wrong way to be a parent. So let us take a new path, where instead of being at war with one another we can be strong together:

Strong moms empower their children.
Strong moms know when to seek advice or research their options.
Strong moms know when to trust their own instincts.
Strong moms understand that each child is different and each family is unique.
Strong moms know when to advocate on behalf of their children.
Strong moms know when to give their children the reigns.
Strong moms recognize the right of each parent to make their own decisions.
Strong moms are confident in their own parenting style.
Strong moms applaud other moms.
Strong moms empower one another.

We can accomplish so much if we can just celebrate our right to make our own decisions.  Instead of criticizing, why not empower?

To be a part of the StrongMoms Empower campaign, simply go to and take the StrongMoms Empowerment pledge.  You can also follow the conversation on Twitter via the #StrongMomsEmpower hashtag.

What makes you a strong mom?

Are you a strong mom?

Disclosure: The StrongMoms Empower campaign is a call-to-action to create a more supportive and less judgmental environment, online and off.  I received no monetary compensation for writing this post.


  1. Great campaign – I’m tired of the mommy wars.

  2. I wasn’t very aware of the mommy wars until I started blogging! And now that I know more… there are things that I don’t write about because of the fear of being attacked for choices I’ve made.

    This is a wonderful idea!

  3. I LOVE this =)


  4. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

    Mommy wars are so ridiculous and I think it’s sad to have to even talk about it but I’m glad there’s a campaign to try and downsize this growing issue!

  5. I’m going through some tough times with my family. NEEDED to read this today. So often I question my parenting style. Have doubts. It’d easy to look past what I am doing right and only focus on what I am doing “wrong.”

  6. I am one that is guilty of this mommy wars. And I am recently really been reflecting on things and it is not my place to judge what is best for other families and I hope no one does that with mine. I am a strong mom because I will stand and fight for my kids.

    • I am so incredibly impressed with you, Cassie, for admitting to being sucked in to the Mommy Wars – and even more so for recognizing it.

  7. Amen! And, I’m with Jackie, I had no idea how spiteful and judgemental some people can be when they get behind a screen. What happened to common courtesy and giving people the benefit of the doubt. You shouldn’t type from your keyboard what you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying face to face.

  8. I love this! Mommy wars are so over done.

  9. I’m so all about being a part of a supportive mom community! We need each other! Now, letting my kid take the reigns sometimes… that’s the toughest one for me! I need to let them take more risks and get hurt once in a while!

  10. I agree with Jackie. I never knew about these ‘mommy wars’ until I started blogging. I never knew WOMEN could be soo mean to each other. I knew and saw it in school, but to be a grown up and still do it? Blah. Great post!!!

  11. Love this .. You are always so inspiring in your post. I am tired of mom wars lets support each other.

  12. I love how they use the word “strong” instead of “good”!!

  13. It feel so much better to support one another rather than tear each other down anyway!

  14. I love this post; there should not be any mommy wars period and besides I believe the media makes a lot of it up and exacerbates the rest!

  15. I was just thinking about how I tired I am of the seemingly endless string of new ways to judge other moms.

  16. Great campaign. I wish more Moms would get on board with this. I know I’m not the best mother alive, but I definitely do try to do what is best for my kids.

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