Thoughtful Thursday: A Challenge

Today I was feeling a bit discouraged by all of the drama going on around me lately.  While I am grateful to not be personally involved, watching several of my friends dealing with various issues has left me feeling exhausted and a bit helpless.   This afternoon, however, I remembered that there are people suffering who I could do something to help.  I headed over to the food bank with a sizable food donation.  The people working there were so incredibly grateful and being able to pay it forward turned my entire day around.

So this week on Thoughtful Thursday I am issuing a friendly challenge.  All you have to do is perform three random acts of kindness and then come back here and leave a comment.  You can give your acts of kindness in the comment, talk about who received them or how doing the acts of kindness made you feel.  Are you ready for the challenge?


  1. Hi Jessica,

    Many thanks for the blog link up. I think looking for opportunites to show kindness each day, is so important. ‘…And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.‘ Romans 12:8 NLT

  2. Love this …. now for a fresh cup of coffee and an hour of inspiration xxx

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