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The Breakfast ProjectThe fascinating part of being a parent is the privilege to watch a human being develop from a blip on an MRI machine all the way to adulthood, learning and growing with each step along the way.  From their very first steps to graduation day, our children’s lives are a series of amazing milestones.

This week my family is older son will be receiving his black belt in karate.  It is hard to believe that his big day is here, having been almost six years in the making.  (Proud karate mom right here, folks.)  My youngest still has a ways to go for those types of milestones though we are just as happily to be celebrating Tooth Fairy visits and his first words being read.

Since studies show that breakfast eaters have better do better in school and have a stronger ability to concentrate, I am a stickler for my kids eating a good breakfast.  Admittedly, I sometimes make them just a wee bit frustrated with me since neither one has a big appetite in the morning.  When they grab their backpacks and try to head out the door, I’m the mom who says they cannot leave if they have not eaten anything.

Over the past few months we have come to a happy compromise.  Every morning before school my kids each have a protein shake.  My younger son likes to change the ingredients a little from day-to-day but the shake always includes a banana and a full glass of milk.  That makes me feel like they will be ready for the day.

Clearly I am my mother’s child, because she was the same way this me as a kid, always telling us that milk is a great way to get protein in the morning. Each 8 ounce glass contains 8 grams of protein – even more than an egg.  Milk at breakfast fuels active successful days and sends your kids out the door with nutrients they need to help them perform and focus in school.

As a parent, now it is my turn to do my part in helping my kids reach those milestones.

In 2012, the National Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign launched “The Breakfast Project” to highlight the importance of milk at breakfast in the morning.  With 9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8 oz glass, milk enhances the nutritional value of your morning meal, whether in a glass, cup or bowl.   To learn more about the initiative, go to:  You can also follow along via and

Are your kids big breakfast eaters?  What do they like to have in the morning before school?

Milk - The breakfast Project

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Note: I am proud to be working with The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign and was compensated for my participation.


  1. Breakfast is so important, and I am happy that my boys think of it as their favorite meal. Now if we could that lucky at dinner time. Thanks for the links, I will have to check out the Breakfast project.

  2. My kids are never hungry first thing in the morning, which I can appreciate because I’m kind of like that too. Thankfully we school at home, so they have time to wake up a little bit before breakfast. I always try to give them a fruit, a grain and dairy in some combo. Some days they’ll eat it all, some days they’ll pick, but I think it evens out in the end. I definitely notice the difference in brain performance between full bellies and empty bellies!

  3. My son just recently started asking for juice at breakfast. My husband gave in – and I’m ready to go back to milk only! Thanks for the reminders of the importance of it!

  4. I read Trina’s comment and laughed. Even though the kids are sometimes grumpy in the morning, breakfast usually is the easiest meal. The 4 littles eat at home. I had to compromise with my oldest by buying him granola bars which he keeps in his locker at school. It’s perfect though at least he’s eating something.

  5. I am a short order cook in the morning. Both of my kids like a big breakfast, and I am happy to oblige. It is hectic, but I do it with love and to set them up the best I can for a successful day at school :)

  6. My kids are such picky eaters but the one thing that always makes me feel better is their milk obsession! They both love and drink a ton of milk!! They don’t drink anything but milk or water. For breakfast they go through phases, right now they are obsessed with Cheerios with milk and a side of milk!!

  7. Fat, protein, and some liquid every morning! We eat with a whole food and low grain bent. So, I make coconut or almond flour baked goods, smoothies, eggs, baked custards. Long baking things get baked the night before and warmed in the morning. We’ll still do oatmeal every once in awhile (with a healthy glug of cream or spoonful of coconut oil:)

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