Why You Should Follow That Mother’s Intuition

Have you ever gone to bat for your son or daughter solely based on intuition?  Four years ago, after feeling for quite some time that something was just not right, I took my son to a doctor at a prestigious local hospital. This is a case where there are no glaringly obvious symptoms but a series of smaller issues that felt almost to me like clues to a puzzle that I could not quite figure out.  However, the initial tests came back normal so the doctor sent us on our way.

Fast forward to this summer, four years later, when that gut instinct, that “Mother’s Intuition” had still not gone away.  My son has other health issues that are being treated by doctors from other disciplines, but the puzzle still remained unsolved.

It was time to go to bat once again and be a medical advocate for my son.  On Tuesday we set out to a new doctor, this time at a smaller but also well-known hospital in the area.  At the very least I had to try one more time, following that gut instinct and being an advocate for my child.  I needed to feel like I was doing everything in my power to solve that puzzle for him (and me).

Ironically, Monday night I ended up in a conversation with a blogging friend who had a similar circumstance until she found one doctor who believed in her and together they have changed the course of her son’s life.  Of course, after hearing her story I could only hope that our result would have a similar ending.

When we left the appointment I was practically in tears. Happy tears. The team at this hospital understood every one of my concerns and did not dismiss even a single one.  Though I made no mention of puzzle pieces, they showed the same gut instinct (this time with a medical rationale) that something is just not right.  While it will take some time to get the answers, together we will get to the bottom of it. 

So do not ever let someone make you feel as if your gut instinct as a parent is an overreaction or a case of helicopter parenting. Being a medical advocate for your child means trusting your intuition and speaking up on your child’s behalf. If you are certain from your very core that something is just not right, advocate for your child until you have completed your puzzle.

Please do not wait four years to let someone tell you what you already know.  You deserve happy tears too.


  1. I’m so glad to read this, Jessica. So glad that you pushed until you found the right doctor. Hoping things will only get better now.

    (and, seriously, next time you head to this doc, build in extra time to get together if you can.)

  2. I think as parents- only we TRULY know what is best for our kids– you followed your gut and now you and your son are better for it! This post needs to be RECOMMENDED reading for all parents- who are struggling to be that advocate for their child– that THERE is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. Nodding my head and so glad that you advocated and followed your gut!! Too often parents let themselves be dissuaded by professionals–but no one knows our kids like we do! xo

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