How Deb Thompson Won by Being Just Short of Crazy

This week, Deb Thompson is telling us how she found her marbles and looked fear in they eye.  Here is Deb’s inspiring story:

Years of discontent and unhappiness led me to the edge of a cliff that required a serious decision. I could either turn around and stay on the path of the 9-5 going no-where job that I hated or jump and see what happened when I lived life on my terms. Peering over that cliff, I was petrified. Frozen in place with fear, but knowing a decision had to be made. Staring down into the abyss I saw fear and it was looking me right in the eye and telling me I didn’t have the guts to take that leap.

Stepping off the cliff didn’t feel like a very “safe” choice. My income from the joy-sucking job paid very, very well. As a married mom with teen children I had my family to think about and bills to pay. I’m not independently wealthy by any stretch of the imagination and leaping into the unknown, with no guarantee of income, left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

However, looking at both options, I knew that I couldn’t continue the mind numbing boredom of everyday life in corporate America, plus I was tired of being told when I could travel and when I couldn’t. (Hey, for a travel addict, THAT is a big deal).

Fear, my friends, is a big fat liar. On that fateful day I looked back into fears eyes and took away its power over me. I told it there was no place for it in my life anymore and then I jumped. On my way down I heard fear laughing at me and telling me I wasn’t good enough, and that we wouldn’t be able to pay the bills or buy groceries.  I was terrified, but at the same time I knew it was the right decision.

What I didn’t see, because fear was clouding my vision, was a soft landing spot just a short leap away. That’s the thing about fear. It blinds you and keeps you from seeing the other side of the cliff.

Amazing things happened after I jumped. Doors opened, travel opportunities were presented to me, and bills have been paid. It has been a phenomenal journey that I am so happy to be on. Not everyday is sunshine and roses. Freelance work is tough, but my worst day as a freelancer is a hundred times better than my best day punching a clock for someone else.

Happiness, amazingly, was waiting for me all along. It was just waiting for me to take that leap of faith.

Deb Thompson is a professional travel and lifestyle blogger at  Over a year ago she decided to pursue the things she loves and quit being a cog in a corporate wheel.  To date, it has been one of her decisions and she hasn’t looked back.  She is also on Twitter at and Facebook at


  1. Doesn’t it feel awesome! I look the leap last year too and I’m never looking back!

  2. I’m glad you found them, otherwise I would’ve been stuck driving the Santa Fe through the mountains by myself! :-)

  3. “Freelance work is tough, but my worst day as a freelancer is a hundred times better than my best day punching a clock for someone else.”

    That, is exactly how I feel!

  4. Denys Davis says:

    i have one foot of the cliff but I am afraid to move the other foot

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