Nature vs. Nurture

This week’s VlogMom topic comes from Kadi at and it’s a great one.  Kadi asks, what are three things you wish somebody had told you about becoming a mom?  Here are my three things.  I would love to hear yours.  Leave them in the comments below.

By the way, when recording this video I was absolutely unaware of how many times I said the words “you know” in three minutes.  I will work on it for next time.

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  1. I’ll never forget when my SIL said “when’s the best time of year to have a baby? You know. For planning purposes.” I think my mouth dropped to the ground. You said it SO well: “you can’t plan your family.” SO SO true.

  2. wow – we totally have the same first answer! (fist bump)

  3. I agree with all three. #2 is so me. My children are polar opposites and it fascinates me how they came from the same gene pool!
    We’re working on common sense ALL the time. Hoping some of it sticks!!

  4. First of all I love that color on you! :)

    Secondly, I love what you shared. I had the opposite problem-I got pregnant too easily, but I agree with you 100%. Planning is overrated. 😉

    All 4 of my kids are vastly different in some ways-it’s shocking and amazing.

    We’re working on the common sense as well. It’s not easy! And OMG the soap thing continues into the teen years only with grosser consequences.

  5. Oh I totally understand the common sense thing! I clearly remember watching my sister-in-laws family and realizing that they had to tell their children things that I just thought kids would pick up naturally. Glad I had a bit of advance warning because my son lacks common sense! I also frequently say, “Use your eyes and ears before your mouth” as I try to get him to think things through.

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