Five Wayt to Jump Over Life’s Hurdles

We’ve all been through a rough patch.  Maybe something happened personally or professionally.  Maybe you just can’t find your mojo.  Setbacks and obstacles suck, but they are certainly a part of life.  Some people even think that we need to go through these lows in order to regroup and get stronger.  Here are five tips for overcoming a setback:

Give yourself time.  Do not put added pressure on yourself to overcome obstacles too quickly or to push right through a stressful situation.  Take time to regroup and let your emotions subside.  After all, you don’t want to make a rash decision that you might regret later because you are angry, feeling sorry for yourself or placing blame on others.  Know that you will bounce back from this situation and give yourself the time you need to work through it.

Figure out the takeaway.  What you can learn from this situation?  Whether you are in a slump or dealing with something major, understand that learning something from every situation will make you stronger in the long run.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to agree with what has transpired to learn something from it.  Although you may not have been able to control what got you here, you can influence what happens next.

Talk about it.  Keeping a positive attitude sometimes is easier said than done, so use your support system for validation and encouragement.  You are likely to find others can provide suggestions or advice after overcoming similar obstacles.  If the situation this time is one that you really, really do not want to discuss, then consider journaling it.  Journaling is a great way to let out your feelings, and later on you can read your journal to help you gain perspective once initial emotions have subsided.

Create a game plan.  Instead of dwelling on the negative, use this as an opportunity to refocus. Determine step-by-step the best way for you to get back on track.  Getting through a rough patch will be less overwhelming once you have created a plan of action.  Remember to be open-minded and flexible so you don’t give up and fall back into a rut.

Build momentum.  A great way to stay focused and motivated towards overcoming obstacles is to give yourself checkpoints.  Focus on your one next move on your game plan.  Motivation will come from your commitment and before you know it you will have jumped over this hurdle.

How we deal with setbacks can say a lot about us.  They put the choice in front of us to be complacent or to face the challenge.  The choices we make can keep us stagnant or make us stronger in the long run.  After all, we can’t predict what obstacles we may face in the future, but if we know we can jump over hurdles we will be better prepared to face them next time.


  1. Great post. I have been facing a lot of hurdles lately and this is some of the most practical advice. I think I know it all but need to be reminded!!!

  2. That is definitely great advice, and I like the Nelson Mandela quote! I think that the thing many people need to remember is keeping a positive attitude. It’s too easy (for many) to turn to ranting as a means of “venting” but sometimes all that happens if you vent, vent, vent, is that you wallow in negativity and don’t look for the opportunities for growth. Hope that makes sense!

  3. Amazing. So glad I stopped by!! Thank you for this inspiration today!

  4. This was a very motivational post, thank you!! I am all about the using bad times to move forward. I also refocus – if what I am doing right now is causing me too much trouble I try something different. Dwelling on the negative and going crazy is such a waste of time LOL :)

  5. Great advice!

  6. I always believe that I am by biggest hurdle. Which, in a lot of ways, is true and in even more ways is not. My hurdle is to actually give myself credit for accomplishments and to not dwell on the 25% I don’t get done. So, thank you for this post!

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