Keeping the Faith, by @mommybknowsbest

You are going to love this guest post about how the fabulous Jennifer Bullock found her marbles.  Read on and you will be inspired.  I promise.

When Jessica asked me how I found my marbles there was only one thing that came to mind and that’s my faith in God. So many times in life I’ve had experiences that have had the potential to crush and paralyze me emotionally, yet it always comes back to my faith and in turn a positive attitude.

Some life experiences don’t always turn out the way you dream them to be. In my life:

  • My parents divorced when I was 5 years old, and I grew up in a single-parent home. My father refused visitation when I was 8 years old. There were times I questioned why I was unlovable. Yet I felt uplifted that I had a Heavenly Father, and thankful that I had a mother who worked hard to raise me.
  • My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, because of that my brother and I were picked on at school. We didn’t have the best clothes, the nicest house, or anything fancy. However, I believe that made me value my belongings and relationships with people even more and in life now, I’ve been able to achieve the values I have today.
  • After graduating from college I became a live-in-nanny for a family which soon became one of the worst working situations I have had to date. This was all going on at the same time I met my now husband. He was my refuge during the time before I switched jobs.
  • Sadly, my second pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and while that baby still holds a special place in my heart, I know there was a reason behind it all. I have had the opportunity to counsel with other women also going through this tragedy.

Through each instance I’ve been human. I’ve been sad, mad, grieved, wondered, “why me?” Yes, I’ve “lost my marbles”and I know there are still “marbles yet to be scattered” in other situations that will come in my life. At the same time I know that God has been the reason I’m able to, “find my marbles”, put them back into place, and not only that, but additionally I have the opportunity to help others who have been in my shoes.

You can take what life gives you and be a victim of your circumstances, or you can use them to make your life shine and mean something more.


Jennifer, aka MommyB is married with 2 beautiful, biracial girls. She is the founder of and  She’s short and spunky and you can find her playing with her kiddos, organizing her closets, and drinking a great cup of coffee. You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @MommyBKnowsBest.


  1. Lovely post by Jennifer. Faith is a wonderful thing to carry you through the dark times and be there in good times. blessings

  2. Thanks Sherry!! I agree no matter where you are in life it’s a good thing all around!! Thanks for the love!!

  3. Love this post! In looking back… I can see the people who help me Pick up my marbles when I lose them… And those who help scatter them even more. Wonderful post!

  4. I love your attitude and outlook – keep the faith and spread it!

  5. Funny I should read this today … I need to remember to rely on my faith a little more, and quit trying to go it alone xxxx

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