What I am Thankful for…

Every year while growing up my mother would ask us what we were thankful for and each year I would promptly roll my eyes at her and walk away.  Fortunately, now that she has grandkids she can harass them with that question and leave me out of it.

This year I wanted to write a Thanksgiving post, something sweet that captured the whole tradition of Thanksgiving.  I wanted to write something super sappy.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  I am just not feeling sappy.  So are some of the things I am thankful for this year:

I am thankful for apps.  Seriously, what did parents do when there were no apps to keep their kids sane while waiting at the doctor’s office?  I heart you the most of all, Madden NFL.

I am thankful for sweatpants.  When one works from home and sits on her rear end all day, sweatpants are a true blessing.

I am thankful for Nordstrom, Piperlime, HomeGoods and TJMaxx.  Anyone who knows me really well knows that instead of therapy sessions I prefer browsing therapy.  If I have had a particularly frustrating day you can find me working it out at HomeGoods.

I am thankful for full serve gas stations.  Really, who wants to stink like petroleum when you’re on your way to a networking event?

I am thankful for cover up.  Need I say more?

I am thankful for Spanx.  Again, that statement should require no further explanation.

I am thankful for blogfriends.  I love my IRL friends too of course. Yet my blogfriends are sparkly, snarky and we get each other on a whole new level of crazy.

I am thankful for red wine.  Ok, vanilla vodka too.

I am thankful for time.  Elusive, I know.  Then again, so is time.

Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy, full of turkey, sweet as pie Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. Jessica, I love this post….it is so very ID of you! Every now again speaking from the id is required. Yes indeed I am thankful to be able to confess my Id.
    Your list is pretty inclusive (spanx, wine, duh!!) But I would add my DVR since without I would watch even less television. Coffee! What’s a day without it. And, I am thankful for thursday night tv because I always make time to watch those 2 hours, take those 2 hours to myself (even if it is a week later…see dvr thanks) to watch, usually with wine, and just watch!!

  2. I love your list! Definitely thankful for coverup, elastic waistbands and coffee. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Your list is AWESOME! I have never been to a full service gas station, first time seeing one was actually last week.

    • Jessica @FoundtheMarbles says:

      Thanks, Shana! We moved from NJ, which is all full service, to PA, which is almost all self serve. Six years later I am still such a gas snob and will drive on emptyt unless I can get to the full serve station!

  4. I could have written this list, minus the full service gas. I hate when I need gas when I’m in Jersey (I live in PA outside of Philly)! It’s so creepy to me to have some stranger come up to me in my car and pump it for me. I guess it’s just a matter of what you are used to.

  5. I haven’t seen a full service gas station since I was a kid! As much as gas costs they should totally bring those back; might make it worth it!

  6. Love this! Ok, so definitely Spanx- you got that right. They rock my post-baby body world. I am also thankful for… I have no idea. I really think you hit all the good ones. The only thing I would add is coffee and Wendy covered it! Great list!

  7. Love this list! I have to add I’m thankful for take-out and delivery at least once a week!

  8. And I’m thankful that you made me laugh! Now if I can only find a self serve gas station around here.

  9. Love this post. Thanks for sharing what you’re thankful for. =D I’m visiting from the Alexa hop and thought I’d say hi. I’m following you now on GFC and would love a follow back when you have a chance.

    Tina “the book lady”

  10. Spandex makes my list too!!

  11. Mommy with selective memory says:

    Im thankful for blog hops!! :-)

  12. Jessica – you and I have the same list of thanks!! I am with you on all of them from madden NFL to Spanx! Have you tried the Spanx leggings? Fabulous!

    On a more serious note….happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do for the blogosphere! Rachel

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