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Being Kinder to My Body

Month one went well.  Month two went a little better. Month three is not a pretty site but I am moving on to month four with a vengeance.

We all have our setbacks.  Right?

This past month I did not drink enough water, get enough sleep and I ate too many empty calories.  I didn’t eat enough vegetables either. I’ve got to find a way to sneak more greens into the boring old diet.  If you have any suggestions (short of turning into a rabbit), please let me know!

Ideally I would like to take off a few pounds, so I can be more comfortable in my own skin.  Hopefully by sticking with it the pounds will come off.  Fingers crossed.

On the up side, a few of the recent changes which have become permanent and for those I am proud. Also, though I’ve eaten more empty calories than necessary, at mealtime I’ve been better about watching my portion sizes.

This little crusade to be kinder to my body was made public, in part, because I figured that by putting it out there in the universe I would be more likely to hold myself accountable for my actions. This past month was a bust but I am going to get back on the wagon in month four, for real.

That’s enough about me.  What are you doing to be kind to your body?  What do you need to work on?  If you have any tips on what works for you please share them!

Let Us Never Forget

“… for those of us who lived through these events, the only marker we’ll ever need is the tick of a clock at the 46th minute of the eighth hour of the 11th day. -President George W. Bush

Let us never, ever forget… the fathers, the husbands, the sons, the mothers, the wives, the daughters, the brothers, the sisters, the co-workers, the friends, the loved ones, the innocent, the brave.

2,977 victims
246 on four airplanes
184 at the Pentagon, 55 of them military personnel
2,753 victims at the World Trade Center
411 emergency personnel
1,609 people lost a spouse or partner
Approximately 3,051 children lost a parent
At least 200 people fell or jumped to their deaths

Let us never, ever forget.


Recycle it Forward

There’s a reason why this is not a recipe blog or craft blog.  I’m not a good cook nor am I very crafty.  Martha Stewart I am not.  However, this site was founded on the basis of human interest and social good, so when the opportunity to be crafty for the sake of social good came along I winced a bit and then jumped on it.

Recently I was a part of the Elmer’s Bag It Forward campaign where I filled a backpack filled with school supplies and donate it to a child with cancer through the Kisses for Kyle foundation. Now I am a member of the Elmer’s Glue Crew, a movement to recycle empty glue bottles and glue sticks in schools.

With classrooms from all 50 states participating, Elmer’s hopes to exceed their goal of recycling 3 million glue bottles and glue sticks this school year.  Your school can participate too!  Just go to to see how you can implement the recycling practices in your school.  To help kick-start the glue recycling movement in our elementary school, I am making a recycling box to house empty glue containers. Here goes:

So you already know that I’m not super crafty.  I tend to like clean lines and symmetry which does not always go well with the creativity involved in craft projects.  With that said, I set out to keep it simple.  I chose fabric to make the collection box interesting and stick on letters for ease of use (knowing that I can’t be mad at myself for coloring outside the lines if I use stick-ons).

Drum roll please.

Here’s what I turned it into:

You’re impressed, right?  You can see more of my shopping and craft-making adventure at:

Actually, it was relatively easy and cost a total of $18.  Let’s start with the basic cardboard box.  After I taped the bottom together, I ironed the fabric to get the creases out.  I fastened the fabric to one of the inside top flaps  then folded the flap over, making a clean inside fabric covering.  Next I did the same on opposite side.  The last two sides had more fabric, so I just tucked them under a bit more, almost like an envelope.  You can see what I mean below.So the box is done and it is time for the poster.

I started with a plain Elmer’s tri-fold board and then laid out the lettering.  Knowing that it would be more time-consuming and perhaps frustrating to try to perfectly align the letters, I instead chose to stagger them.  The I just took the backings off the letters and stuck them to the board.  Oh, and the Elmer’s logos on the poster board?  I cut it out from the label on the tri-fold package.  Pretty crafty, huh?Next it was time to decorate the sides.

I created and printed the school logo and mascot which I glued to the left facing side of the board using a disappearing purple glue stick from, you guessed it, Elmer’s.  Then, on the right side, I printed out an explanation of the glue recycling program so anyone who passes by the poster can read about the effort.  One more time for my pride, here’s the final project.

Now, go recycle some glue, will you?  By the way, if you want to participate in the Elmer’s Glue Crew Brigade with glue you have at home or use with a homeschooling program, you can simply take the empties to your local Walmart drop-off location.  Each time you purchase an Elmer’s (or Krazy Glue) product with a registered Upromise card, a percentage will go to your Upromise account.

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #BagItForward #collectivebias.  All opinions, insights and amazingly crafty ideas are my own.

The Trevor Project

Did you know that we are in the middle of National Suicide Prevention week?  It is the time to check in with friends and family, letting them know that you care and that you’re available to talk.  I took the pledge to talk and you can too by going to:  By simply talking, you could possibly save a life.

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How to Get Out of a Funk

When some women are in a funk they exercise.  Some call on their friends for support.  Others drink wine.  Do you know what I did to get out of a funk?  No, of course you don’t so I’ll tell you.  I called a psychic.

I completely understand that the previous statement will likely either send you running from this site forever or wanting an explanation so here’s what happened…

A while back another blogger told me about the opportunity to get a free psychic reading and, while I did nothing about it at the time, it definitely piqued my curiosity.  You see, I went to a psychic with my mom once, almost ten years ago.  It was a fun and wild experience because almost every single thing she said came to fruition in some form.

Now I don’t know if I would say that I am a believer in the truest sense but I am definitely open to believing.  Are you?

So, I have been in a rut for the past few days and decided that this might be just the time for a little psychic fun.  I called Hollywood Psychics.  Yes, I know, Hollywood Psychics could be the cheesiest name ever but that’s who was giving the free reading.

You know what? It was so much fun!  Not only that, it snapped me right out of my funk.  I honestly can’t explain why at all, but it left me feeling really, really happy.  I would absolutely do it again if I am in need of some funk therapy.  Seriously.

Truth be told, I am kind of fascinated by the process of how they know what is coming up in someone’s life so I asked more questions about how she does her work than about myself and my future.

She explained that each one of us has spirit guides who are with us at all times.  The guides are almost like a conscience and try to steer us on the right path.  So what about the people who don’t always take the right path? As she put it, the guides cannot interfere with free will.  A guide is “chosen by what a person needs in their life.  Guides can change as you change and evolve.”  She said that I am on my second guide and this one has been with me since about age 23.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like the thought that there could be some spirit lady guiding me on the right path.  It’s not a shabby idea when you think about it.

Those few people who are closest to me have likely heard me say that I always trust my instincts. I can almost always make a quick decision but if I am wavering, my instincts always win.  So I thought it was fascinating when she said those exact words to me, followed by “If you listen to your gut you will never go wrong.  Your guide is never going to steer you wrong.”  She said that in the coming months I will be on the fence about a decision.  Everyone around me will think that it’s a good idea but my instincts will say otherwise and I must have the strength within myself to trust my instincts.

She told me that she saw a horseshoe (a sign of good luck) on a certain date coming up so you had better believe that the date is marked on my calendar and on that day I will be playing the lottery.

I asked about my children and my husband too, of course. She said that I worry about my husband more than I should but to watch when he hits age 45 because he will have some blood pressure issues.  (We have a little while until then but I’ll be sending him to the cardiologist for his 45th birthday.)

Before ending the call I told her that I need some sort of validation, something to show that this isn’t all a load of heaping bull.  (Well, I didn’t say it in those terms exactly because I liked her.)  She replied by saying that I had problems with the front tires in my car, especially the one on the driver’s side door.  Guess what?  Last month I had to replace my two front tires and a week later I had a nail in the driver’s side front tire.

She also said I have a ring that is important to me.  It has dark blue stones, sapphires.  There are very light stones on either side of the sapphires.

Now let me show you my wedding band.What do you think?  Are you a believer?

Editor’s Note: On April 8th I walked outside to find that my car had a flat tire. 


As mentioned above, I was given a free psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics for this post and compensated as such.  All opinions, quips and my wedding band are my own.  Please see the Disclaimer and Terms of Use page on this site with any questions.

9/11 Stream of Consciousness

Today I am taking a page out of Fadra Nally’s book and doing a Steam of Consciousness post.  It is a five minute brain dump. There are no edits, no proofreading and no spellchecking. This is writing in the raw.  Here goes:

I know that I need to write this post as a stream of consciousness because I am in a complete funk this week.  And I know why.  The ten year anniversary of 9/11 is here. Ten years.  How the heck did ten years pass by already?  In the fall of 2011 I could even not think ten years ahead.

For the past few days I feel like I am back in that same zombie-like funk that we were all in during the days, weeks and months after the attacks.  I have been watching a lot of footage, reading the articles again.  I read and re-read the obituary of Steve, my cousin’s husband.  I don’t want to go back there but I am determined not to forget it.  I can still see her face during the days when she thought there was a possibility that he was still alive and when reality hit that he was gone.  I can still see the kids, at age four,  who didn’t really understand why all those people were at their house but feeling the heaviness too.

This week coming up is going to be a difficult one; trying to go about our ordinary business but knowing that this week is anything but ordinary. Next Saturday I will be at the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation’s annual expo and while I would rather be glued to the television I know that paying it forward that day is a better use of my time.  I just hope I can put on a happy face.

I’m not sure if being in this funk is doing anybody any good, especially myself, but somehow I can’t get out of it.  Maybe writing this post and putting it out there in the universe will help me release some of the sadness.



Words of Encouragement

Today’s words come to you courtesy of Pinterest.  This week it seemed that several people I care about needed words of encouragement, either for a stressful personal situation or a temporary loss of mojo.  I was feeling it too and these words made me feel a little bit better.

What do you think?

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest


Pledge to Become

Thursday Blog HopWant to do something thoughtful on this Thoughtful Thursday? Gatorade and the Women’s Sports Foundation have teamed up to support young athletes.  Through this link, you can pledge your support to support young athletes as they become their best.  I learned about the program through and I am proud to have pledged my support. Time to link up! Just add your favorite post from the past week and check out some of the other great sites in the linky. That’s all there is to it!

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