Susan Bodiker of One Girl Wellness

Time to Call a Truce on the War on Women

Susan Bodiker is dedicated to raising stronger women one girl at a time. She helps girls and women overcome negative self-images, helping them learn to retrain the mind and body to identify and overcome the behaviors that sabotage health and self-esteem. In the following post, Susan is sharing her thoughts about the War on Women in her own powerful words:

Aventura Clothing Zoelle dress

Comfortable, Eco-Friendly Clothing for Active Women

If you follow this site regularly, you may already know that I am incredibly proud to be an ambassador for Aventura clothing for the second year in a row. This socially responsible eco-friendly clothing brand stands for everything that is important to me. Plus, they make real clothes for real people with real bodies.

A family owned lifestyle apparel brand based in Nevada, Aventura clothing designs… Keep Reading...

Testudo hermanni tortoiseon a white isolated background beach

14 Ways to Help Conserve Sea Turtles

Every year the second graders at our elementary school get to pick a sea animal to study. This year, my second grader chose the sea turtle. He spent a great deal of time learning about sea turtles, and was eager to find his newly beloved animal on a recent vacation and when we visited the aquarium.

This Saturday, May 23rd, is Turtle Day, meant to encourage people around the… Keep Reading...

21 skin cancer prevention tips

21 Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

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After two very long and cold winters, it’s time to get outside again. Well, it’s time for people like me who hibernate inside during the cold months to get outside and enjoy the happier weather.

Cue the Beatles: “Sun, Sun, Sun… Here it comes.”

Of course, this also means it is time to think… Keep Reading...

The Girl at the Chorus Concert

That Girl in the Chorus

The tween and teen years are such an awkward time for some kids. Well, for most kids, if we are being realistic. When my son found out earlier this year that chorus is … [Read More...]

#imbornto be a parent

The Taboo of Talking about Women’s Issues

  On Mother’s Day of 2006, I had my seventh miscarriage. I sharing with you now because of a conversation I had with a friend last weekend about the taboo of … [Read More...]

Sonia Satra Moticise by Sekou Luke

5 Steps for Working Your Body While Resetting Your Mind

Sonia Satra is a life coach, fitness guru and award-winning motivational speaker who has dedicated her life to helping people reach their full potential through unifying the … [Read More...]

Indian doctor talking with female patient in doctors office.

How to Stay Calm During a Doctor Appointment After Infertility

If you have been through any type of serious infertility issues, it is likely that you have had more internal exams than any one woman should have in a lifetime. You may have … [Read More...]

Why Reef Safe Sunscreens Matter

Why Reef Safe Sunscreen is Better for You (and the Oceans too)

  Perhaps you have already heard of reef safe sunscreen - or maybe not. For years I have sought out brands that do not contain harmful toxins or chemicals, to keep … [Read More...]

Want to eat healthier Then keep these 12 items in your pantry!

12 Healthy Shelf-Stable Items to Always Have in Your Pantry

Over the past few years, I have been focusing on stocking our home with more shelf stable foods. After losing a refrigerator full of food (more than once) after a power … [Read More...]

asian girl in the white dress

8 Ways to Help the People of Nepal

On April 25th, 2015, a massive earthquake hit Nepal. So massive, that it was about 16 times more powerful than the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. To date, over 5,000 people have lost their life and more than 70,000 are injured. It has been estimated that as many as 8 million people have been affected by the earthquake.

Though it is just days since the earthquake shook Nepal… Keep Reading...

Why accountability is helpful for reaching health and fitness goals

Why Accountability is Key for Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

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Reaching our health and wellness goals isn’t always easy (says the woman who has been trying to lose the same five pounds for five years). For some people, the key to personal success in this area is accountability. Of course, any time you set out towards reaching a goal, holding yourself accountable is helpful. Oftentimes, however, it is… Keep Reading...

Sensible Portions Puffs

Is Your Family Snacking Sensibly?

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I have a confession. I am a snacker. As my Jewish grandmother would say, I’m a knosher. Even though I write quite a bit about health and wellness, I am always on the lookout for a healthy snack that can satisfy without putting on the pounds. Popcorn, pretzels, chips – that sort of thing.

I also find it… Keep Reading...

Goddess Garden Sunscreen

Chemical vs. Natural Sunscreen: What You Need to Know

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Knowing what we do about skin cancer, it is so incredibly important to stay protected. We spend a lot of time outdoors, from the playing fields to playing in the backyard. During the summer time, my kids reapply their sunscreen at camp, and it is important to me to know that they are well protected from… Keep Reading...

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