The Inspiration Awards at Canyon Ranch

The Inspiration Awards from Canyon Ranch

Who inspires you? I am willing to bet that you can think of someone. Perhaps that person has made a selfless sacrifice, motivated others, overcome adversity, or made a difference in the community. Who makes you want to be a better person? If that someone you know has truly inspired you, how about showing them how much they have done so by nominating them for an Inspiration Award? Mel and Enid Zuckerman opened the first Canyon Ranch in 1979, a beautiful, serene resort that is devoted to … [Read More...]

#EAEvents Alex's Million Mile

The Element Associates Social Suite at Blogger Bash

Last Friday I attended Blogger Bash in New York City. Frankly it had been a little while since I’d attended a blogger event. I was looking forward to catching up with my online friends in real life. Though I had a great time at the KidVuz party, I have to shout it out to Element Associates for one heck of an event at the Element Associates Social Suite. Ok, so I am a bit partial here. After all, I do a fair amount of work with Debbie Bookstaber and the team at Element Associates. I consider … [Read More...]

Why you need to make sure you are getting enough zinc.

The Next Big Buzzword in Health and Wellness

If you eat oysters, beef, Alaskan king crab, lobster, or pork chop, you may be embarking on the next big buzzword in health and wellness. Care to take a guess? I am talking about Zinc. It’s not just for colds anymore. The more Zinc gets researched, the more we are going to learn about its importance and its impact on the body. Not long ago I wrote a post for Babble about zinc’s role in fighting off breast cancer. Then just this week, researchers identified zinc as one of the most important … [Read More...]

Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats Allergy-Free Vegan Recipes

Organic, Allergen-Free, Vegan, Low-Sugar, Delicious Recipes? Yes, Please!

Living healthy is super important to me. I’m not a saint by any means, but I try to value exercise, healthy organic eating and natural living as much as possible. The more health research I have read, the more I believe that we have just as much power to harm our bodies as we do to heal them. You may also know that my older son has lived with severe food allergies for many years. After researching gluten and reading Gluten Freedom, I am thoroughly convinced that gluten is just not meant to be … [Read More...]

All Natural Night Creme with Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Skincare: DIY All Natural Night Creme

Though I am still somewhat of an essential oil newbie, I have been taking careful notes and reading tons of materials over the past few weeks. There is so much to learn about … [Read More...]

Nelson Mandela Day #mandeladay #timetoserve

15 Inspiring Nelson Mandela Quotes to Live by

July 18th is the birthdate of Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid activist, Nobel Prize winner, and former President of South Africa. Mandela spoke throughout his life about … [Read More...]

philosophy - the hope and grace initiative for mental wellbeing

Thoughtful Thursday: The Hope and Grace Initiative

All the time I talk about putting our consumer dollars towards brands that give back or do good in some way. This week beauty company philosophy announced the launch of its … [Read More...]

#Bloggers4Boobs linky. Join us as we fight for a cure

Wellness Wednesday: How to Prepare for the Breast Cancer 3 Day

The breast cancer 3 day event is around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing. Admittedly, I am starting to get a little nervous. Yet I know that with each step I take I … [Read More...]

Teshome bracelet from fashionABLE

One Fabulous Way to Live Fashionable

  I am a strong believer that where we put our consumer dollars makes a statement. Where we choose to spend our money, no matter how much it may be, says something … [Read More...]

Tips from a CSA Newbie

Thoughtful Thursday: How to Make the Most of Your CSA

This post could also be called, “Tips from a CSA Newbie.” This is my first year as a member of a local CSA. There is a terrific farmer’s market near my home, so for years I … [Read More...]

5 easy tips for living greener this summer

5 Easy Tips for Living Greener this Summer

My fabulous, brilliant friend Lisa of A Daily Pinch is sharing her tips for living greener in summer with us today. (She knows that I am all about natural and environmentally friendly alternatives around here.) Keep your eyes peeled, because this rock star is working on her first book soon and it is going to knock your socks off! Most people don't know I was an environmental writer and blogger for a very long time. I wrote, and researched, about the science of "green." I still live a very … [Read More...]

10 Patriotic Acts of Kindness

10 Patriotic Acts of Kindness to Celebrate July 4th

Happy 4th of July weekend! Not only is this the time of the year when we barbecue and watch fireworks, it is also the time of year when we show pride in our great nation. How about we all extend that a bit by doing a few random acts of kindness this weekend in honor of the 4th? Here are a few suggestions! -Salute someone in uniform. Find a way to honor our military service men and women. Here are some other ideas. After all, they are the ones giving us liberty. -Bring a flag to a … [Read More...]

How to prepare for hurricane season

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

We are in the heart of hurricane season, as this week our first named storm of the year will be hitting land on the east coast, threatening to ruin a lot of 4th of July holiday weekends. And around here we will certainly never forget the power of a hurricane, because there is still evidence of Sandy almost two years later. It was the longest night of my life, as the winds howled, the trees swayed, the rains poured down and the air smelled of ocean water some 90 or so miles from the … [Read More...]

Tennis for Good

Paying it Forward through Tennis

So now that the United States is out of the World Cup, will you be turning your attention towards Wimbledon? In our family, watching Wimbledon over the long 4th of July weekend is a tradition. The television stays on whenever we are not at the beach, and when someone heads inside to grab a drink or snack, they come back to the beach with a full update for the rest. Tennis is of course, a sport of athleticism. Though what makes it fascinating is that it is equally based on strategy and … [Read More...]

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