Heart of Haiti Collection at Macy's

How You Can Support Artisans in the Heart of Haiti

Five years. 1,826 days. It seems like a long time, doesn’t it? That is, until it flies right on by in a flash. While a lot can be accomplished in 1,826 days, it can also pass by in the blink of an eye. Believe it or not, January 12, 2015 marks 5-years since the devastating earthquake in Haiti that resulted in catastrophic damage – crippling what was already third world nation. Though they have made a fair amount of progress since that fateful day, Haiti is still in dire need of help. The … [Read More...]

A Very Hershey Halloween

Halloween at Hershey Park and Chocolate World

Here on this site, I talk a lot about acts of kindness, though I am not quite used to acts of kindness when they happen to me and my family. Last weekend, however, we were the recipients of several acts of kindness. It all started with a tweet. Several weeks ago I was on a Twitter chat hosted by my pal Fadra at All Things Fadra. The topic was local travel destinations. At one point she asked about a local destination that we had never been to but would love to visit. My answer was Hershey … [Read More...]

Why Turmeric is Important in Your Diet

The Health Benefits of Turmeric and How to Get More in Your Diet

Turmeric is the spice that would have been chosen last in gym class. What you may not know about turmeric, however, is that this spice is like the king of the dodgeball game. The health benefits of turmeric have been long known but little utilized in western society. Also known as curcumin (a property of turmeric), this herb popular in eastern cultures is thought of as a natural antibiotic. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used to treat inflammation as well as digestive issues such as … [Read More...]

Keeping Families Healthy

7 Easy Ways to Help Your Family Stay Healthy Naturally

With cold and flu season approaching, the enterovirus 68 on the loose this year, and a nasty stomach bug going around schools all over the United States, it is getting harder and harder to keep germs at bay and our of our homes. Here’s what we are doing to in my home to try to prevent and fight off illnesses: Wash hands frequently. This one is the most obvious, but it is super important. Hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid and eliminate germs. We aren’t into using hand sanitizers … [Read More...]

The Teal Pumpkin Project #TealPumpkinProject

The Teal Pumpkin Project from a Food Allergy Parent’s Point of View

Being a food allergy parent and a writer, people have asked me for years why I don’t just start a blog about food allergies. The reason for me is simple. My son’s food … [Read More...]

Go Purple Now for Spirit Day

Show Your Purple to Support LGBT Youth Against Bullying

Are you dressed for the day yet? Are you wearing purple today? If not, head on back to your closet and grab something purple. It is important to show your purple today, so go … [Read More...]

Kisses for Kyle ladybug

How to Raise $1,000 in Apparel or Donations for Your Organization, Charity or Event

  Kyle Snyder was a little boy who loved life, and ladybugs. Just three weeks shy of his second birthday when Kyle was diagnosed with Leukemia. He lost his life to the … [Read More...]

Winter Preparedness

If the Coming Winter is Colder than Last Year, are You Prepared Enough?

  Last winter was one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record I the United States. Here in the Northeast the weather was just brutal. (In our school district alone, … [Read More...]

DIY essential oil massage oil that relieved my muscle pain & soreness

The Essential Oil Massage Oil that Helped Me Walk 60 Miles in 3 Days

That sounds a bit like the title of a spam email, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, it’s true. A few weeks ago I walked in my first Komen 3 Day to raise funds for breast … [Read More...]

Liv N Grace Bracelet from @NaturalLife

Shop the Natural Life!

Buying from and working with companies that give back is incredibly important to me. I say it all the time here that we have the power to show companies what matters to us as … [Read More...]

Caesars Entertainment Group issues a Code Green

What You Should Consider Before Making Your Next Hotel Reservation

  The last time I stayed at a hotel, I quickly took notice of the recycling bins around the facility. At one point during our stay, we learned at all about the hotel’s impressive reuse of rain water. That got me thinking about hotels and resorts, and what they may (or may not) be doing behind the scenes to reduce their environmental impact. Do environmental initiatives at hotels and resorts matter to you? Would you be more likely to stay at a hotel that cares about the earth, or do you … [Read More...]

At the start of the 2014 Philadelphia Susan G. Komen 3 Day

My Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer Experience

Do you have a bucket list, or any set number of experiences you want to have in your lifetime? Well, since its inception I have wanted to participate in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day event, but for one reason or another the timing of the event did not make it possible. The 3 Day is when thousands of women and men walk 60 miles over 3 days in an effort to raise money to end breast cancer. This year it will take place in 7 cities across the country during September and October. This … [Read More...]

FanPrint Tee - Adversity causes some to break, others to break records.

How to Support Your Favorite NFL Players While Giving Back

In my home we have a saying with regards to football season. Being from New York I am still partial to my Giants despite what might be another dismal season ahead. Living in Philly with three Eagles fans I now root for them too, except when they play against the Giants, of course. So in our house we root for the Eagles, the Giants, and whoever is playing against the Cowboys. After all, you either love the Cowboys or you hate them. There is no in-between. Though we are an anti-Cowboy … [Read More...]

The latest on addiction and recovery from Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation

How to Help Loved Ones Get – and Stay Sober

Addiction and substance abuse have been in the headlines quite a bit lately. From Philip Seymour Hoffman to Elizabeth Vargas, Robin Williams, and so many others, there are very real public and private battles with addiction happening every single day. Afflicting people of all financial situations, ages, races, and religions, addiction does not discriminate. When I was a kid I knew this one girl, who I will call Beth. She was extremely bright with a big smile and a hearty laugh, though few … [Read More...]

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