DIY Essential Oil Bath Salts Trio

This is such a simple, inexpensive yet special way to make a fantastic DIY holiday gift for teachers, friends, or anyone on your holiday list. Give them not one or two, but three different essential oil bath salts to choose from. When you give essential oil bath salts as a gift, you are giving someone an aromatherapy session in the comfort of his or her own bathroom!

Here is the easy DIY bath… Keep Reading...

The GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This is the fourth annual GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK holiday gift guide from It is a list that takes hours upon hours (upon hours) to put together, and a post that I am proud to publish each year. Some of the brands were found through research, some are affiliates, and others generously sent items to determine whether they are quality gifts to give for the holidays… Keep Reading...

Join Family Volunteer Day on November 21st!

This post was sponsored by generationOn” as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

 For World Kindness Day, I posted a list of 85 easy acts of kindness ideas. That was the very same day that Paris was attacked, and despite the best of intentions, the world grew a little bit darker. Yet the way to fight terror is with solidarity, and (at… Keep Reading...

Giving All Kids a Loving Home and Family

We never outgrow the need for family. So imagine what it feels like to be child who is growing up without one.

Here in Philadelphia, there is a program called “Wednesday’s Child,” which is done in conjunction with the local NBC affiliate. Each week they highlight a child in the foster care system hoping to be adopted, and each week upon seeing them my heart plummets into my stomach… Keep Reading...

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day: It’s All About Perspective

Your experience in life is all about about your perspective. Determination, gratefulness, and optimism are matters of choice. Last weekend in Philadelphia, as I walked … [Read More...]

8 Facts About the BRCA Gene All Women Need to Know

With the sea of pink that floods the country every October, it is no surprise that breast cancer has become a part of everyday conversation. What was once a taboo topic has … [Read More...]

Why Responsible Consumption is Vital to Our Development

The number 17 has always held a special meaning for me. It was my soccer jersey number for many years as a kid, and one number that I gravitate towards still to this day. As a … [Read More...]

Healthy Recipes Made Easy with The Vitamix Cookbook

If you have a Vitamix or are planning to get one for the holidays, do not pass “GO” until you have yourself a copy of THE VITAMIX COOKBOOK: 250 Delicious Whole Food Recipes to … [Read More...]

Custom Vitamins and Supplements Made Just for You

Countless times in recent years I have set off down the vitamins and supplement aisle at my local store, and wondered why there can’t just be one product that contains … [Read More...]

Is Healthy Food for People Healthy for Pets Too?

Is healthy people food also healthy pet food? This is a question I have wondered for a while. Not being a pet owner myself, I had to turn to a pro to get the answer. Dr. … [Read More...]

America Recycles Day: Bathrooms, Bags and Gadgets

The ability to improve current recycling rates is arguably one of the most important opportunities today for improving our economy, our environment and our natural resources. So the folks at Keep America Beautiful have announced that November 15th will be America Recycles Day, a day to learn the importance of recycling, what can be recycled, and where to recycle your items. The theme this year is “Bathrooms, Bags and Gadgets.”… Keep Reading...

85 Acts of Kindness Ideas

Lately my son and I have had a few conversations about that age-old concept of being a little kinder than is necessary. We’ve talked a lot about acts of kindness; how they can be simple to do and yet mean so much.

My son and I talked about a guy I knew from childhood. From the time we were young, he had it all. He was handsome, athletic, charming… Keep Reading...

How You can Help Get Essential Vitamins and Minerals to All Children

Vitamins and nutrients are needed for cells to function optimally, for proper growth and development, so it should come as no surprise that getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients can make an enormous difference in a child’s life.

Even in thriving areas, it is not always easy to get all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Every parent of a toddler knows that sometimes we must pick… Keep Reading...

prAna Clothing for an Active Lifestyle – Discount and Giveaway!

As I’ve said on this site numerous times, there is something incredibly empowering about we choose to use our consumer dollars. How we can speak with our wallets to support brands that make a solid product while genuinely caring about the environment and its people.

It is an honor to have the opportunity work with such brands on a consistent basis. Brands like Aventura Clothing and… Keep Reading...

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