For food allergy parents, the classroom can be a very scary place. Here are tips for garnering support from other parents and educators.

How Food Allergy Parents can Gain Support from Other Parents and Educators

There’s a blog post that went around the Internet yesterday containing one woman’s reasons why schools should not go peanut free. Though it was meant to stir up controversy, it was nothing more than a poorly written piece of link bait. However, its presence started a great discussion in a Facebook group I’m in that got me thinking about the topic.

Since my son no longer

Your thyroid health is more important than you may think. Here are 10 easy tips for natural thyroid support.

Get a Healthy Thyroid: 10 Tips for Natural Thyroid Support

Okay, ladies. Listen up. It’s time to talk about thyroid health. Perhaps it’s not the sexiest topic, but it is an important one. Your thyroid plays a crucial role in maintaining a properly functioning body. The thyroid is involved with insulin levels, circulation, reproduction, metabolism, and energy levels. Even depression can be a result of an underactive thyroid.

Women between the ages of 30 and 50 are… Keep Reading...

Simply Feeling Normal

Simply Feeling Normal

This is the blog post I have wanted to write for a decade. These are the words I have wanted to shout out loud, but never, ever would have thought it possible.

He’s cured.

My son, the boy who barely could eat anything for many years without fear, can now eat everything without hesitation. The kid who went everywhere carrying emergency medicines and his own snacks is now able… Keep Reading...

Here are 16 places to donate your gently used items

16 Places to Donate Clothing and Accessories

Donating your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories is a generous and easy way to pay it forward.  There are so many people in need of clothing donations, not only in this country, but throughout the world. Finding where to donate clothes and accessories is also good for the planet. It’s all about reusing and recycling!

In most major cities there are terrific local organizations where you can donate… Keep Reading...

Elijah Mainville, WWE superstar, is more than Tough Enough

Meet Drax Shadow, the Newest WWE Superstar

Some companies just know what it means to give back. This is one of the many reasons why I adore being a paid ambassador for the WWE. Get your tissues ready. In case you … [Read More...]'s oatmeal breakfast pie

Meatless Monday (and Every Day) with Veestro Vegetarian Meals

When I was 13, I decided to stop eating red meat. No more burgers, hot dogs, steak, meatloaf, or the like. My mother thought it was just a phase. For a while she kept making … [Read More...]

How you can pay it forward during back to school season

Ways to Pay It Forward During Back to School Season

If the stores are stocked with pencils and backpacks, then it is probably not too early to talk about going back to school. (Sniffle.) Kids of all ages are getting their … [Read More...]

Popeye was right. Always eat your spinach!

12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Spinach Regularly

Popeye was right. You’ll be strong to the finish if you eat your spinach! When I was a kid the sight of spinach was less than appealing. I was of the mindset that if it was … [Read More...]

The truth about electrolytes and sports drinks

Do We Really Need Sports Drinks to Replenish Electrolytes in the Body?

Those sugary sports drinks lure us with their shiny bright colors and cool sounding names. They tell us that if we drink them regularly, we’ll be able to compete like the … [Read More...]

The Undeniable Health Benefits of Beets and Beet Juice

The Undeniable Health Benefits of Beets and Beet Juice

Love beets? Me too. However, beets aren’t just a colorful item to add to an otherwise bland-looking salad. The health benefits of beets and beet juice are plentiful … [Read More...]

The Great Big List of Buy One, Give One Brands

The Great Big List of Buy One, Give One Brands

This is something I say quite often. If we all shop responsibly, we can make a point with our wallets. When we speak with our dollars, we can make a difference. We can show our preference to buy brands that care, which would in turn encourage more companies to have altruistic values.

Brands that run on a buy one, give one model are a perfect example of brands that care. They… Keep Reading...

Shine Bright sweater from Spiritual Gangster at Nordstrom

Fashion that Gives Back at Nordstrom

One of the best part of the “back to school” season is shopping for fall clothing! The Nordstrom anniversary sale may be over, but there are still several fantastic reasons to shop your favorite retailer. Nordstom gives back by carrying several retail lines and products that donate a portion of proceeds to helping others. It’s fashion that gives back. Though some do donate more than others, we believe that it’s always… Keep Reading...

My favorite essential oils for school

My Favorite Essential Oils for School Year Success


How do you get straight A’s?
(Use a ruler!)

Thought I’d start this one off with a little back to school humor.

It’s that time, folks. Time to think about purchasing school supplies, getting new sneakers, and rocking fresh haircuts. My shopping list this year also includes essential oils. School supply shopping should definitely include them, in my opinion. They may not guarantee straight A’s… Keep Reading...

Playing for Change global social good art project honoring the late Jerry Garcia

Celebrating Jerry Garcia with the “Acts Of Kindness” #RippleEffect Social Media Global Art Project

Now this is my kind of party. In Celebration of Jerry Garcia’s Birthday, the Playing For Change Foundation and the Jerry Garcia Foundation have announced that they are inviting us all to participate in an “acts of kindness” social media art project.

The project will support the mission of bringing music education programs to children around the world.

Foundation co-founder, 

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