Easy TexMex Turkey #CreateaStir

Super Easy, Super Healthy Tex-Mex Turkey Rice Bowl

  As you may know if you have visited this site before, eating healthy and having healthy foods available for my family is incredibly important to me. When Della Rice approached me about their Create a Stir campaign, the first thing I asked is about the harvesting of the product itself. It turns out that their product is grown in Arkansas, that the facility is gluten-free and non-GMO, and that the product comes in BPA-free packaging. Bingo! In January 2015, Della rolled out all five … [Read More...]

What you need to know about GMO's

What You Need to Know about GMO’s

Let’s say that you have been hearing a lot about GMO’s lately. You see it on social media. You hear it in conversations or on television news. You spot the little “GMO Free” labels in the supermarket. BUT,… you really aren’t sure just what that all means or why there has been such an uproar about GMO’s recently. That’s okay. Nobody’s mad at you! Let me just take a few moments to fill you in on what you may have missed so far, because this information about GMO's really is worth your … [Read More...]

Winter Blues

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Here we go again. The first snowpocalypse of the season is upon us. Tis the season for snowy days and long, cold, dark nights. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real issue for a lot of folks. Research has found that people with it have lower serotonin levels than the rest of the population. For others, it’s just a matter of not enjoying the colder weather. Have no fear. There are several ways to go about staying happy during what many people find as a depressing time of year! Here are 10 … [Read More...]

Essential oils for moms

Some of the Best Essential Oils for Moms

Between work, homework, home life, meals, carpools, doctor appointments, bedtime, and so on, the life of a mother is just plain hectic. More and more, I have noticed this clear as day pattern when talking with women about the benefits of essential oils for their families. Interestingly, it is always the moms who inquire about the essential oils, for their children, their husband or their own medical needs. They want a natural alternative to promote their family’s overall wellbeing. Though … [Read More...]

How to have a green road trip... and save money too

How to Green Your Road Trip… and Save Money too!

Over the past 18 months, I have made over 40 road trips from Pennsylvania to Boston. Five plus hours and 285 miles each way. That is a lot of driving, people! There is also a … [Read More...]

How to find out if your favorite brands are socially responsible

How to Find Out if Your Favorite Brands Give Back

I am a huge believer that the best way to make change happen is with our wallets. Everything is about business, about the bottom line. As individuals, we can preach it from … [Read More...]

books for young athletes

7 of the Best Books for Young Athletes

  With a tween athlete at home who is quickly becoming an avid reader, we have been going through books like crazy around here. Since you too might have a young … [Read More...]

How to be safe online and in person

50+ Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Identity

Personal security has been a common topic of conversation in my house. Perhaps it is because my son has been taking martial arts for the past eight years. Or maybe it is … [Read More...]

All hail the avocado!

Hooray for Avocados, the Latest Cholesterol-Lowering Food (Avocado Recipes Included!)

Avocado lovers, rejoice! You are helping your heart each time you eat one of those yummy (but odd looking) treats. You may have heard the news by now, but the American Heart … [Read More...]

Family health and wellness goals

How to Reach Your Family Health & Fitness Goals

  We all want our families to eat right and stay active, don’t we? The New Year is always a perfect time to set healthy living goals, but the truth is that any day is … [Read More...]

101 ways to live greener

101 Ways to Go Greener this Year

Perhaps you have resolved to be more environmentally friendly this year, or to go even further with living an already sustainable lifestyle. In my house this year we are planning to work on consistency in our efforts. If you have ever wondered how to be eco-friendly, these 101 ways to go greener this year will surely get you started! Around the House Use eco-friendly, reusable, fair trade, organic, GMO-free, and recycled products whenever possible. Keep outside shoes off at home. … [Read More...]

40 Fabulous Essential Oil Skin Care & Beauty Ideas

40 DIY Essential Oil Skincare & Beauty Recipes

So let's say that you are new to essential oils or wondering where to begin. I was there too, just a few short months ago. And in that time, I have used my oils for everything from a better night's sleep to detox and cleansing, to reduction of symptoms from illness, and for skincare. There is certainly a lot to learn when you start with essential oils, but have no fear.  There are some amazing tutorials and suggestions out there online. Here are 40 DIY essential oil skincare and beauty … [Read More...]

The Vintage Mom

The Importance of Self-Reflection

Last week I told you about word of the year for 2015, and how our word tends to find us as we reflect on where we have been and what we need going forward. Today the fabulous Lauryn Blakesly of The Vintage Mom, shares her thoughts about starting a new year by reflecting on the one that has just past. Here are Lauryn's timely and very poignant words: As we approach the juncture where 2014 comes to a close, making way for 2015, I realize that much of my year has been been filled with … [Read More...]

9 to-do list stress management tips

9 Ways to Free Yourself from “To-Do List” Stress

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Cheryl Rice, who has made a fantastic career of providing women with proven techniques for improving confidence, mitigating fears, and harnessing their internal wisdom. One of those techniques includes mastering the dreaded to-do list. Because let's face it. We're all busy. We all have a lot to do. So what are the tips to mastering the list? Well, Cheryl had this to say about the tyranny of the to-do list: I love my to-do list. I … [Read More...]

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